The Tourist’s Guide to the Interesting Wonders of Cuba

The Natural and manmade beauty of Cuba make it one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. The country has wonderful beaches on the Caribbean Sea, amazing coral reef into the water, breathtaking natural landscape, and fascinating historical landmarks. Above all, the hotels, restaurants and all of the tourist services are open throughout the whole year. All of these elements attract over 3 million visitors every year to the country.

The natural wonders of Cuba including valleys, mountain ranges, biosphere reserves, and national parks can be found almost everywhere in the country. That’s why Christopher Columbus described Cuba as the most beautiful land human eyes had ever seen. On the ground, you will be amazed by the natural landscapes in Havana City, Vinales Valley, Santiago, and Sierra Maestra. As for the national parks, you will not be able to decide which one to choose because every one of them has a unique feature. In Pinar del Rio, you can visit Vinales National Park with its fascinating mountains, caves, and tourist facilities, the Biosphere Reserve, in addition to La GuairĂ¡ National Park. If you need more national parks, you can visit Guantanamo and Mantanzas.

As a Caribbean country, Cuba has amazing natural wonders such as the coral reefs, sea beds, and beautiful beaches. The tourists who are fascinated with diving will be glad to see dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, sharks, salmon, and colorful fishes in Cuba’s coral reefs. In fact, Cuba safeguarded its beaches from the illegal fishing to protect these species.

Apart from the natural attractions, Cuba has a rich history and wonderful monuments to indicate the different historical ages in Cuba. For example, you can visit the National Capitol building and Plaza Viejas in Havana and the colonial city of Trinidad in central Cuba to enjoy the rich history, culture, architecture, and monuments of the country.

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