The Tourist’ Guide to the Exciting Festivals in Canada

Canada is a large country with a multi-national population; thus, multi-cultures. This fact will place Canada on the top of the countries that hold attractive and successful festivals in the world. This article will try to give you an idea about the festivals there, but you should go and enjoy the beauty and excitement yourself.

Winterlude is an annual festival held in Ottawa and Gatineau by the National Capital Commission to celebrate the winter. The festival is given through three weekends of February. In this festival, skating competitions began on the Rideau Canal skate way and Dow’s Lake, snow sculptures are displayed in Jacques-Cartier Park and Confederation Park, a loppet typed race is held in Gatineau Park, beside special and amusing activities held in the Byward Market.

The Celebration of Light is another amazing annual festival includes brilliant fireworks accompanied with magical symphonies and attended by about 1.4 million people. Many countries participate in the competitions of this festival to present their best symphony of fire. The comic festival in Montreal called “Just for Laughs” is one of the largest annual celebrations in the world held on every July.

The eight-day festival called “Calgary Stampede” is one of the best tourist attractions in Canada. The festival is initiated in the first Friday of the month by a parade marshal of about 150 floats and hundreds of horses.

Then the turn of the rodeo that consists of six main fields of competition comes to increase the excitement of the attendants. Afterwards, the activities and competitions last for eight days to let you feel that you will need to come back again whenever you can.

The annual Caribana is one of Toronto’s festivals attended by more than a million visitors every year for about two weeks. The festival is full of amazing colors with Tobago and Caribbean live music. The celebration consists of a pre-dawn parade accompanied with completions and songs performed by Caribbean artists.

Exciting Festivals in Canada Exciting Festivals in Canada Exciting Festivals in Canada Exciting Festivals in Canada Exciting Festivals in Canada Exciting Festivals in Canada