The Tourist’s Guide to the Best Beaches of Cyprus

The wonderful beaches of Cyprus are one of its best tourist attractions whether they are sand or shingle lands. That’s because this island has long and uninterrupted coastal lines over the Mediterranean Sea with entertaining activities and services. If you are eager to spend a luxurious holiday, you can head to the eastern beaches, where you will find wonderful hotels and restaurants in addition to the exciting activities. You can practice free activities and spend an amusing time in the western and northern beaches.

The wonderful beaches, the perfect geographical location, in addition to the perfect climate of Cyprus help the island to be the perfect destination for the tourists along the year. The hot summer and mild winter on the island attract thousands of tourists from the cold Europe and the hot Africa every year.

The southeastern part of the island includes wonderful beaches with clear and safe water. Nissi beach, for example, is a luxurious beach with golden sand and perfect services just like the Episkopi beach. The harbor town of Paphos has its luxurious resorts to host the tourists coming to Avdimou bay and Petra coast. The amazing villages of Limassol have rocky beaches in addition to the luxury hotels and facilities to offer the tourists the highest level of comfort. Most of the families prefer the fig tree bay, where they can practice free activities with their kids in the safe water.

The northern beaches are famous for their golden sand and beach sports. The Karpas Golden Beach is a symbol of beauty in the island because of the surrounding natural scenes. The Escape beach is another reachable and lovely beach where the tourists can eat delicious seafood in the restaurants and the professionals can practice diving and skiing. In short, all of the Cyprus beaches are extremely wonderful.

The Best Beaches of Cyprus The Best Beaches of Cyprus The Best Beaches of Cyprus The Best Beaches of Cyprus The Best Beaches of Cyprus The Best Beaches of Cyprus

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