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Top 5 Worst Dishes You May Have The Misfortune of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants

First of all, I do not think you should settle for eating something from a fast food restaurant even if you don’t have enough time for cooking. Living on sandwiches or even fasting is much better than having something from a fast food restaurant. You will find it hard to pick your jaw from the floor after reading some things about their dishes here.

1- If you are having anything at Dunkin’ Donuts, do not let it be anything with meat. I think if you see the meat they are using, you will decide to go vegan, or maybe give up food of any type. The safest thing to have there is the coffee and the donuts.

2- One of the workers at Applebee recommends that you avoid the fatty salad at all costs (why is there even something called fatty salad??) Apparently, the dressing for this salad is just a quantity of sugar that can give you cavities at the spot with…chicken fat.

3- I do not think that eating any fish you do not cook yourself is a wise decision. This testimony from one of McDonalds workers asserts my opinion. He says that ordering fish fillet at McDonalds any time other than the lunch rush is a bad idea. Ordering fish at times other than lunch means the fish is past its cycle.

4- I am not sure that you will like how Wendy’s define leftover chili dish. They scrape the burnt patties from their grill, freeze them so that they could chop them up and use them in their chili later.

5- Fried onion rings at Outback tastes like a piece of heaven, and chances are, if you eat them there regularly, you WILL get to heaven soon. One dish has what amounts to your daily needs of calories.

 Worst Dishes You May Have The Misfortune of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants

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