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The Top 5 Unhealthiest Things You Might Put in Your Coffee

Coffee is probably number one most popular drink ever, Heck there is even a time of day named after it. With this adoration from the public, coffee was changed a lot from what it originally used to be, and many people now add things to it. Some of which are natural and even useful, and some aren’t so. So what are the unhealthiest things you add to your coffee?

1- Splenda, Aspertam, Sweet ‘N low rank first in our list. They might be cheap and have zero calories but they do so much damage. For example, they ruin your sugar burning rate and your overall metabolism. They also enlarge fat cells and mutate useful bacteria living in our intestines.

2- Non dairy coffee whiteners are also among our list for the worst things you might be adding to your coffee. They are full of trans fats that cause a seriously large list of damages and corn syrup that blows your insulin levels out of proportion. Even sugar and cream together are not as dangerous as this stuff.

3- Skim milk is among the worst things you might add to your coffee. Sounds new, right? Well, it turns out those who consume more whole fat milk don’t feel as hungry as those who have non fat milk. Moreover they suffer from fewer cravings. Besides, the fat in whole fat milk is rich in nutrients.

4- Sugar is in almost every kind of food we eat now. A little sugar in your coffee might not be a problem, but imagine having it with the sugar contained in ketchup, cereal, snacks, bread and many other things and you will find that you are having a lot of sugar everyday without adding it to your coffee.

5- Flavor shots is one of the things I don’t like about cafes and Starbucks. These shots are loaded with sugar, dyes and processed substances. Your liver and kidneys have enough work on their hands dealing with coffee that they don’t need to deal with flavor shots. Ease their job with real cleansing spices that flavor your coffee.

 Unhealthiest Things You Might Put in Your Coffee

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