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Top Tips To Beat Constipation

Constipation has an irritating and negative effect on the whole body, it can lead to physical and psychological issues, among the symptoms that are associated with constipation are headaches, mood swings, bloating, lower abdomen discomfort and sometimes strong pain and on the mental side can lead to depression and a feeling of missing out all the nice things the life offers you. If you find difficulties releasing stool, you will find the following tips highly helpful.

1- Drink More Water.

Maybe the reason for your constipation is that there is not enough fluids in your intestines to flush stool out, as long as you stay hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday you should find it getting easier in the bathroom.

2- Increase Your Fiber Intake.

Fiber does not get digested it is actually what makes the bulk of bowel movement, therefore you need to increase your intake of fiber by eating more fruits and vegetables, however be cautious not to start eating too much fibers so quickly because it can worsen the problem even more, male sure to start slowly and be regular.

3- Have A Cup Of Coffee Everyday.

Coffee is a great drink that will help you improve your bowel movement, it stimulate your intestines to flush out what is in there. You can follow this remedy in the morning so the caffeine don’t create a trouble falling asleep with you.

4- Exercise.

Exercising can be quit difficult specially when your lower abdomen has discomfort and bloating sensation, but exercise will helps to improve your bowel movement besides strengthening your stomach muscles to manage pushing.

5- Consume Olive Oil.

When your diet is mainly revolving around starchy foods and carbohydrates your stool may stick to the walls of your intestines, taking 2:3 tablespoons of olive oil everyday will help to prevent that from happening.

6- Reduce/ Eliminate Processed Food.

If you are eating a lot of processed foods then you are very likely to suffer from constipation, processed foods are usually stripped out of fibers, minerals and most vitamins, they are only empty calories, however you know the importance of fiber for the bowel movement, therefore if you are eating foods without fiber then it won’t be very easy for your body to get rid if the waste.

7- Take Raw Honey.

If you want a type of natural laxative try to take two or three tablespoons of raw honey everyday or even consider sweetening your drinks with Hobey instead of sugar. It will help you become more regular and have no hard time in the bathroom.

8- Take A Stool Softener.

Stool softener are available in most grocery stores or pharmacies, it will help you having easier time emptying your bowel, they are not to be confused with laxatives though, stool softeners just help you have easier and less painful times in the bathroom. We hope you found this article helpful, with regularity on the above tips you will be able to beat constipation.

Top Tips To Beat Constipation

Top Tips To Beat Constipation

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