Top 8 Things You Should Dispose of Right Now!

When it comes to having a healthy life style, less is more. This concept revolves around removing all kinds of clutter that affect your health negatively including expired and useless items. Disposing of clutter is so crucial for your well being that you need to start working on it immediately! Hence, have a look at the following list and compare it to your belongings to know what to get rid of.

8. Excess Clothes

If you are keeping on to old clothes in fear of gaining weight after loss, or in hope of losing weight to go back to a smaller size, you are probably harming yourself. The harm is caused by the anxiety of seeing these clothes. Moreover, if you are holding on to old fashioned clothing in hope for a comeback, you are just gathering dust and making no room for new clothes.

7. Old Makeup

Makeup is used to accentuate your beauty but when you use old makeup, what you use to beautify can be a dangerous addition. Liquid makeup like lip gloss and mascara provide an encouraging environment for germ growth by the availability of moisture in a closed container at room temperature. These germs can enter your lips through a crack or harm your eyes. The recommended period to get rid of lip gloss is after six months from purchase; as for mascara, after three months of purchase.

6. Old Toothbrush

Apart from carrying bacteria, toothbrushes wear out over time and become less and less effective. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush after two to three months of usage to protect your pearly whites from decay effectively. Signs like severely frayed tips are indicators that you need to dispose of your brush.

5. Unsafe Plastic Containers

Unless your plastic containers are labeled BPA-free, you are at the risk of being exposed to very harmful chemicals. The most risky plastic containers are the clear containers, the ones labeled 7, the cracked ones and the warped ones. It is best to get rid of these plastic containers and replace them with glass ones especially if you constantly use the dishwasher.

4. Cleaning Sponge

The person who chose the sponge as a cleaning item surely didn’t know that it would host more bacteria than anything else. The reason behind the sponge’s filth is that it holds on to water at room temperature making itself a wonderful refuge for germs. A good alternative to a cleaning sponge is a washcloth which dries quicker than sponge and thus carries fewer germs.

3. Expired Sunscreen

Active ingredients of a sunscreen disintegrate with time. The expiration date on your sunscreen container is a reference for when the sunscreen is no longer useful. So remember when you use expired old sunscreen, your skin is still vulnerable to UV rays and its harmful effects.

2. Worn Out Running Shoes

Running is a great, cheerful exercise that doesn’t require much training. However, running requires shoes that are in a good shape to absorb the hits of your feet on the ground. Otherwise, shoes with worn out interior would leave the force of ground impact to reach your bones, muscles and tendons. The life time of running shoes span from three to six months according to your rate.

1. Fridge Leftovers

Although fridges are designed to preserve your food for a longer time, it doesn’t mean that food is meant to last forever in fridges. Food containing animal matter left over more than three days in the fridge can carry great amounts of listeria, dangerous germs that can lead to frightening diseases, miscarriages and fatality.

Things You Should Dispose of Right Now!

Top 8 Things You Should Dispose of Right Now

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