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Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits

Most of us are sticking to bad old dietary habits that lead us to gain weight although exerting a lot of efforts trying to lose weight , when you get to know and recognize the bad habits you could be doing it will be much easier for you to avoids doing them which will give you a sure positive result in terms of losing weight , breaking these habits only need you to change your daily regime for two weeks to a healthier regime and you will notice a difference which will encourage you to stick to your new regime that don’t include any wrong dietary habits , discover the Top Ten Most Worst Common Dietary Habits .

10- Adding Mayonnaise To Your Sandwich.

Mayonnaise usually have a lot of fat which significantly increase the calories of your sandwich without adding a strong taste to the sandwich really so you should instead choose low fat of fat free mayonnaise instead of the regular mayonnaise , make sure to add a lot of crunchy vegetables to add extra flavor and nutrition.

9- Confusing Fat-Free with Calorie-Free .

Most people think that fat-free snacks with calorie-free snacks , there is nothing that is calorie-free really , those fat-free snacks still can be high in calories and calories add up so you should always calculate the number of calories you are consuming .

8- Not Watching Your Portion.

All of us tend to eat everything on the plate without watching really the number of calories that are going into our bodies or how many calories our bodies really need , learn the needed portion for you and stick with it.

7- Skipping Breakfast.

This is one of the worst dietary habits as your body was fasting all night and it need food to start your metabolism , start your day with healthy breakfast like whole grain cereal with fruits and low fat milk .

6- Consuming A lot Of Drinks .

Drinks are always nice to have in different times of the day disregarding the number of calories contained within most of the drinks like bear , wine , soft drinks , soda or energy drinks, you need to learn that calories add up and control the number of calories getting in your body.

5- Eating Junk Food .

Whenever you get hungry whether you are in the office , airport or anywhere you just grab any type of food at your hand and in most cases what you will grab will be junk food so in order to solve this problem always make sure to have healthy snacks at your hand for when you get hungry.

4- Shopping While You Are Hungry .

Admit it going shopping for groceries while you are hungry is just not suitable because you end up buying any quick-fix you see , instead try to eat something healthy before you go shopping for grocery have some fruits or crunchy vegetables to control your hunger .

3- Eating After Dinner.

Most of us don’t mind eating after dinner specially having sweet treats instead try not to eat anything after dinner until the morning just have a warm cup of tea and a lot of water something that is non caloric.

2- Not Having Enough Sleep Hours .

Lake of sleep will make your body feel hungry even of you are not really hungry and that is due to the cortisol cecretion that control your appetite so make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily .

1- Unhealthy Snacks .

This problem is always related to watching TV , who of us don’t have a large chips pack near by while watching a favorite program on the TV and without monitoring how much of it we eat we end up disappearing the pack by the end of the program but be sure this is one of the worst habits that break your effort trying to lose weight easily .

Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits

Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits  Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits  Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits  Top Ten Worst Common Dietary Habits

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