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Top Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles

Freckles is a common skin problem that face mainly people with fair skin due to sensitivity from being over exposed to sun light , The small brown spots that appear on the skin called freckles are caused due to over production of melanin in the skin cells , it is an annoying problem that most of us don’t like to deal with but fortunately there are simple ways to get rid of freckles and below we will tell you about ten on them.

10- Lemon Juice.

Once of the best and safest natural ways to get rid of freckles is lemon juice, lemon juice is a natural bleach that help to lighten the brown color of freckles over time , apply lemon juice to the area of your skin where freckles present , leave it until it dry and then wash with water twice a day .

9- Vitamin C .

People with sensitive skin might be unable to manage lemon juice directly applied on their skin , if you have a sensitive skin then try to include foods that are rich with vitamin C in your diet which is proven to be essentially needed for the health of skin .

8- Retinoid.

Retinoid work on getting rid of the damaged skin surface and stimulating the production of new and healthy skin , However this should only be prescribed by a derma as it has concentrated chemicals and u should not use it without a prescription.

7- Bleaching .

Bleaching is known to be effective to lighten the dark spots of freckles , however you need to be careful and bear in mind that any mistakes can lead to making your skin look worse and darker .

6- Strawberries .

One of the many skin health benefits of strawberries is lightening the dark areas of the skin thanks to Omega-3 fatty acids found in strawberries , making a mask of fresh strawberry juice twice a week at least will help you lighten up your skin and get rid of dark spots .

5- Cryosurgery.

In this treatment an extreme cold is applied on the skin tissue where the damage present to dry it up and peal it , liquid nitrogen is what is used in this procedure and it need a huge care to be done properly .

4- Honey .

Honey is a great way to care for the skin , it is a great moisturizer as well as treatment to fade freckles , Honey has enzymes that help lightening up the dark drown spots on the skin , make a mask of honey daily for sure results .

3- Onion .

Onion is another effective natural element that can help you fade your freckles due to its sulfur content which work as an exfoliative , use red onion juice to massage the areas where freckles present for best results .

2- Sun Protection Cream .

Sun protection creams help you avoiding the formation of freckles in the first place but if you already have freckles then protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays will fade your freckles and keep your skin clear and radiant.

1- Laser Removal .

When all the above don’t help then the only permanent solution for freckles is a laser removal procedure , although it can be a bit costly but it is effective and save you time, make sure to have your skin examined by a dermatologist first .

Top Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles

Top Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles Top Ten Ways To Get Rid Of FrecklesTop Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles Top Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles

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