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Top Ten Tips To Quit Smoking

Smoking is for no doubt a bad and harmful habit to the smoker and who are around him , Smoking is the main cause for lung cancer , various diseases and death in the world at the moment , The nicotine that present in cigarettes is what is responsible for harming the health as it is a very harmful , damaging and addictive element that is unfortunately widely legal in the world , quitting smoking have a lot of benefits although it might feel a bit difficult at the beginning but for sure it is not impossible and with some willpower and patience smoking can be quitted for good , below we have prepared a list of some essential tips that will help you quit smoking , find out the Top Ten Tips To Quit Smoking .

10- Exercise .

It is believed that a good habit can make you leave a bad habit , even ten minutes of daily exercise will help you a great deal to quit smoking and remain fit and healthy , Exercising produce chemicals in the brain that should make you feel happy which will suffice you of the urge to smoke .

9- Tell People About Your Smoking Quitting Plane .

Telling your friends and family about your plane of quitting smoking should be of great benefit in terms of helping you to quit , being committed in front of your dear ones should have a positive impact and should be a big motivation to leave smoking .

8- Set A Date For Quitting Smoking .

Have courage after you get convinced of quitting smoking and set a fixed date to stop smoking all together , don’t go to places where you used to smoke or where companies and people that will tempt you to smoke present , change your daily routine , fill up your day with different activities , get busy and you should notice that the day has passed without smoking a single cigarette .

7- Get The Help Of A Doctor .

Visit a doctor and get an advise about the best drug that can be prescribed for you to help you quit smoking , there are many choices and have shown affectivity and helped many people to quit smoking , like the patches and gums .

6- Pamper Yourself .

Every time you feel an urge to smoke and you control yourself and stay away from smoking reward yourself with something that you like , make a box or a jar put whatever money you would have spent it every day on buying cigarettes and in the end of the week buy yourself something really nice with that money .

5- Join An Online Forum .

Joining other groups on the internet that are passing through the same experience can be of a great help for you , as you will be able to share experiences and hear success stories that will motivate you and encourage you .

4- Save Money .

Every time you coming to buy cigarettes take out the amount of money you were going to buy the cigarettes with and put it in a box preferably if it can be one of those that can’t open except by breaking and by the end of the week open the box take whatever money in there and donate it or buy food to the homeless people , once you see how that money that was going to spend on what harms your health can actually make a change in someone’s life you will motivated to never smoke again .

3- Get Busy .

Set yourself a daily schedule at least for the first week of too many activities , make sure that all of your time is busy and at night you will be too tired and will just fall asleep , activities can include going to the gym for at least an hour daily , working , visiting family , walking or anything that you like doing that don’t involve smoking or people that are smoking .

2- Remember The Benefits Of Quitting .

Quitting smoking is not easy but at the same time not a big deal either , the numerous benefits of quitting smoking should always be in your mind such as lowering the risks of many diseases such as cancers , depression , heart attacks , strokes , low fertility chances , ruining of the teeth and gums and respiratory system diseases .

1- Make A List Of All The Thing You Smoke For .

Writing down a list of all the things you like about smoking or you smoke for can help you find alternatives that are not harmful , For Example , if you like smoking to deal with stress , you can instead call a friend that you trust or listen to some music to deal with the stress , If you like smoking because it helps to pass time , you can instead opt to play videogames they will pass your time and entertain you .

Top Ten Tips To Quit Smoking

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