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Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Memory

The memory is where any piece of information stored and later retrieved once needed which is easy for normal people, however for those who are suffering from memory loss, the retrieving process is always the problem, which make them feel frustrated and distressed of trying to remember something they forgot, On this list present the most effective tips to improve your memory and train your brain to register and retrieve information in a better way.

10- Sleep Adequately And Exercise Daily.

Sleeping helps to give your brain its needed relax to be able to function better the following day, six to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep in the darkness will be enough to freshen up your brain to function better the next day. As for exercising, it help strengthen the memory by increasing the blood flow to all the body parts including the brain which enhance its functionality.

9- Good Food.

Food for no doubt affect the body’s overall health including the brain health. Hence eating proper food that are rich with the essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats will have its impact on your brain power including memory, foods like Brussels sprouts, walnuts, tuna, sardines, almonds, red apples, broccoli and berries were proven to enhance memory.

8- Drinking Water.

Drinking enough amounts of water daily is as important as eating healthy food and maybe even more important, our bodies are made up of 60% of water and it contribute in all the vital processes of the body. Besides being hydrated helps to feed the brain with more oxygen and blood.

7- Repetition.

Repetition is a way of learning that was proven to enhance the memory, when you keep repeating a sentence several times over and over in different times you are transferring the information from your short term memory to your long term memory.

6- Writing Down.

When you write something down by your hands repeatedly you are actually engaging more than one of your senses which helps your memory to retain the information much easier.

5- Visualizing.

Your brain reacts to images much better than reacting to a written script or audio, so what you need to do is trying to visualize any kind of new information you get and that way it will make more sense to your brain and you will be able to rememorize it more accurately later on.

4- Relate.

Relating new information with old ones you remember has two benefits, it helps protecting those old memories from being forgotten and make new information easy to rememorize later on.

3- Mnemonics.

The reason you find it much easier to remember a song much better than remembering a chapter of a book you once read is Mnemonics, the information that your brain receive in a rhyme or a tone is easier to be processed and retrieved .

2- Organize.

When your brain receive any type of information it first receive it in no order and then it consume energy and take some type to process it in a way that make sense and then save it in the memory, giving your brain organized information in a formed and organized way help your brain to save and retrieve it more accurately.

1- Focus.

The most important thing to improve your memory is to pay all of your attention to the information while receiving it, don’t try to focus for more than one thing and don’t get distracted by any other thing while trying to understand or learn something new. This for sure will make retrieving the information easier.

Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Memory

Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Memory

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