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Top Ten Things To Avoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for any woman , the main concern for a pregnant woman keeping her unborn baby safe and healthy , you can do that by providing the best environment for your pregnancy to remain healthy until the day you give birth to your child , avoiding harmful things that can complicate the pregnancy and harm your unborn baby is a way to create that best environment for your unborn baby , below we will present to you a list of the Top Ten Things To Avoids During Pregnancy to help you have a healthy pregnancy .

10- Avoid Your Cat’s Litter Box .

One of the things to be avoided while pregnancy is getting in contact with your cat’s litter box as there could be a chance that your cat is carrying texoplasmosis that can cause birth defects and premature births , you also need to bear in mind avoiding any contact with street cats .

9- Avoid Pesticides And Paints .

The toxic fumes in pesticides and paints products can cause a serious harm for the unborn baby’s nerve system specially in the first trimester when the nerve system of your unborn baby should be growing very fast .

8- Avoid Sauna And Hot Places Or Baths .

Pregnant women get their bodies overheated due to the hormonal changes that are occurring in their bodies and the heat of the baby body , being exposed to heat for long times can cause neural defects for the babies which is when the brain and spinal cord are not developed properly .

7- Avoid Large Quantities Of Fish That Contain Mercury .

The mercury that is contained in some types of fish fatty tissue can cause serious damage to the unborn baby , a lot of quantities of mercury can also cause mercury poison which will affect the unborn baby as well as the mother .

6- Avoid Pain Killers .

All over the founder medications should be avoided during pregnancy including aspirins because everything that goes in your body passes through your placenta and affects your baby .

5- Avoid Caffeine .

Caffeine that is included in drinks like soda , coffee and tea can be harmful for the nerve system of your unborn baby as it is addicted and it works on stimulating the brain and heart of the unborn baby .

4- Avoid Vitamin A Supplements.

Vitamin A present in most of our everyday food ingredients such as milk , egg , liver and carrots however taking too much of it during the pregnancy and specially the first trimester can cause miscarriages or birth defects all you need is 770 microgram of Vitamin A not more and you can get that by your everyday food without the need of supplements .

3- Avoid Smoking .

Smoking is extremely harmful for your health as well as your unborn baby , the tobacco that present in cigarettes have a very damaging and harmful effect on all the body organs and will travel to your baby causing lake of oxygen supply to the fetus which result in slower growth rate and sometimes premature births .

2- Avoid Alcohol .

Alcohol is to be avoided during pregnancy as any amount of it even one drink is not safe , alcohol can cause mental and physical defects to the unborn baby and/or fetal alcohol syndrome .

1- Avoid Stress .

Stress is the number 1 thing to avoid during pregnancy and that is because it attack our physical body and complicate the biological processes in the body , stress can be so dangerous that it can lead to preterm births.

Top Ten Things To Avoids During Pregnancy

Top Ten Things To Avoids During Pregnancy Top Ten Things To Avoids During Pregnancy

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