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Top Ten Things That Increase Height After 18

Height is related to genes to a certain extent and that is agreed about , but beside genetic factors , scientists also discovered that height is also related to growth and hormonal factors , We all believed that by the age of 18 gaining height become really slow or even stops at all , but we are here to tell you that that is not so , indeed it was proven that the human body is capable to grow up to 6 inches after the age of 18 , you wondering How to increase your height after 18 , we will list to you the Top Ten Things That Increase Height After 18 .

10- Do Sprinting .

Sprinting at a high speed is proven to increase the height naturally , researches show that when you run with a high speed your body produce the human growth hormone and the faster you run the bigger the production of the human growth hormone is , stretching is also effective to increase your height by 3 inches if done on regular bases .

9- Stay Away From Smoking And Drinking .

It is agreed about that smoking and drinking and such immoral activities have more harm to the health than benefits , but when it comes to growing tall , smoking and drinking suppress your natural growth which negatively affect your height .

8- Always Sit Straight .

Try not to bend when you set down which make your spin suppress the natural height growth, always keep your head , neck and spin aligned straight , keep in mind that your straight posture has a huge rule in terms of your height .

7- Maintain An Ideal Shape .

Obesity is one of the worst enemies for height adding to that the number of health problems that are caused by obesity should make you always maintain a healthy and ideal shape by following a balanced diet and exercising everyday .

6- Exercise Regime .

For no doubt exercising daily have many potential benefits to the body , and exercising can help you grow taller much faster , stretching , skipping and running should be included in your everyday exercise routine .

5- Balanced Diet .

A balanced diet that is nutritious is essential for your growth , have foods that are rich with zinc , calcium , phosphorous and manganese which are needed for your bones natural growth , you can find these elements in cabbage , grapes , peaches , broccoli and spinach.

4- Never Skip Breakfast .

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be filling and rich with vitamins and minerals , breakfast boost your metabolism which affect your height , never skip breakfast even if you are going to exercise never exercise on a empty stomach .

3- Drink Enough Water .

Water is needed to flush away the toxins and help with the digesting process which helps the body absorbing the needed vitamins and minerals that affect your growth , make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday .

2- Have 5 Smaller Meals .

Have 5 smaller meals instead of three large meals to boost your metabolism in your body and stimulate the growth hormone production , what you are eating is highly important , make sure to have a variety of healthy foods that are rich with the needed vitamins and minerals for your body .

1- Have Enough Rest And Sleep .

Lake of sleep mess up with everything in the body including the production of many hormones like the growth hormone , additionally lake of sleep make the body feel exhausted so even if you are eating healthy , your body organs won’t be functioning the best way it should , teenagers need 8 to 11 hours sleeps everyday so make sure to have your proper sleep every night .

Top Ten Things That Increase Height After 18

Top Ten Things That Increase Height After 18