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Top Ten Things You Hate The Most About Your Period

It is absolutely wonderful to be a woman, However having monthly periods can be quit unpleasant for some women out there, All the worries and pains associated with your monthly period can make this time not something your excitedly wait for, we have complied a list of the Top Ten Things You Hate The Most About Your Period so read on and share with us your opinion.

10- Carrying Your Feminine Products Around.

No matter how confident you are, There is always something that feels slightly embarrassing about buying you tampons and carrying them around the shop or having to take your purse with you to your office bathroom, you have to admit it just don’t feel right.

9- Always Worrying About Your Cloths.

If your period starts while wearing your favorite white bottom or underwear it is sad to say that the only thing you can do is hope and pray they don’t get messed up and stained.

8- Sensation Of Bloating.

That lovely tight pair of jeans you used to fit in a few days ago require more effort from you to squeeze into today, Not because you’ve suddenly gained so much weight, But it is because of the bloating sensation associated with your period.

7- Zits On Your Face.

For some reason every time your period is approaching, annoying oily zits start to pop up on your face, This is something that you can’t completely avoids even if you have a good hygiene, Those zits will appear whether you like it or not due to the hormonal imbalance happening in your body before your period is due.

6- The Bloody Mess.

One of the most irritating things about periods is when it comes really heavy which what happen almost every month and you feel like there is a fountain of blood opened down there, no matter how well you secured yourself you will still feel uncomfortable specially when you are outside or at work.

5- Traveling.

The last thing you really want to do is sitting for seven hours on an airplane worrying about your soaked pad or worse having to change your tampon or pad in the dirty airplane bathroom, Best thing to do in that case is use the reusable menstrual cup, they can hold pretty well for over 12 hours.

4- Feeling Nauseous.

Your period time is an irritating time for your stomach and that is due to the hormonal imbalance that occurs during period beside the bloating tummy sensation you get during your period.

3- Emotional Ups And Downs.

There is no other time where you have crazy emotional ups and downs like your period time where you do crazy thing like yelling at your best friend and losing your temper in a second for minor reasons, although you really hate this but it is quit tricky to avoid it.

2- The Unpleasant Smell.

Even if you apply perfumes and deodorants down there, after a few hours of heavy flowing your pad is just going to smell of raw blood, and it is just something not pleasant at all.

1- The Cramps.

The worst part about it is the cramps associated, those cramps are not just aches as most people believe, some women experience, painful cramps that would make them unable to think or focus for anything other than the pain they are feeling, In that case a strong pain killer would help.

Top Ten Things You Hate The Most About Your Period

Top Ten Things You Hate The Most About Your Period

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