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Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever

Phobia is a medical term for a morbid fear or irrational anxiety of a specific thing or situation , usually Phobia is developed after a past traumatic event in the person’s life which accordingly cause a serious harm to the person’s emotions and mental well being , some of the common types of phobia to be mentioned are fear of high or closed places , fear of traffic or crowded places or even fear of insects or animals , all of us can name a certain thing that we fear to a certain extent , However a phobia is a significant fear that go beyond the extent of our normal fear , below we have prepared to you a list of the Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever .

10- Phobophobia , Fear Of Phobia .

Phonophobia is a physiological case and it is described as an abnormal fear of fear , this type of phobia can be developed as a result to a traumatic suffer of a previous phobia which make the person in fear and anxiety of going through that experience again .

9- Chorophobia , Fear Of Dance .

Chorophobia can be described as a type of social awkwardness , in this particular type of phobia the person suffer an abnormal fear if expressing any type of excitement or ecstasy in public and accordingly that person will always try to avoids any social even or occasion that might be associated with dancing .

8- Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia , Fear Of Long Words.

This disorder is quit rare but for some people particularly students or academical inclines reading , spelling or hearing a long or even in some cases a medium length word can be a torture for their minds , the people with this disorder will be terrified to even name their own disorder .

7- Scopophobia , Fear Of Being Stared At .

Scopophobia is a type of phobia where the sufferer will have irrational anxiety of being stared at or of being the center of any attention , the people with this disorder will try to avoids any social contact or even sometimes it can go as sever as avoiding leaving their homes at all which can be a result to a previous public mockery or any physical impairment that can cause the suffer to be stared at.

6- Arachibutyrophobia, Fear Of Peanut Butter .

This type of phobia is quit strange where the person with the disorder have an abnormal fear of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth , or a a belief that the sticky texture of the peanut butter may cause them to die suffocated or choked , in this case the person might be able to have peanut butter in small quantities according to the severity of the case .

5- Ablutophobia , Fear Of Bathing .

Abutophobia is the fear of cleaning the self by any way at all whether washing or bathing although it is different to Hydrophobia which is the fear of water , in this type of phobia the sufferer experience breathlessness and nausea whenever the idea of cleaning the self or bathing is brought up which can lead to a severely unhygienic problems .

4- Spectrophobia , Fear Of Mirrors .

Spectrophobia is abnormal extreme fear of mirrors and seeing the one’s reflection , people that are suffering from this disorder usually have a belief that their own reflection of the mirror is some type of a supernatural apparition , or fearing that they might be watched through their mirrors by strangers .

3- Alektorophobia – Fear Of Chickens.

This is one weird type of phobia where the person that is suffering from the disorder fear seeing , talking , hearing or even thinking of any type of chicken or even anything related to chicken like eggs or other similarly featured creatures like roosters , but fortunately the people that suffer from this phobia is usually not afraid of eating cooked chicken .

2- Turophobia , Fear Of Cheese .

Yes it is true that there is a type of Fearing Cheese Phobia and it is mainly experienced by lactose intolerant people , the Turophobic people have a strong dislike to seeing , feeling or tasting any type of cheese .

1- Nomophobia , Fear Of Not Having An Access To A Mobile Phone .

If you are one of the people that would panic for the idea of not having an access to their mobile phone then you are most likely to be a Homophobic , and that can be related to the extreme independence and familiarity with the device in our everyday life .

Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever

Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever Top Ten Strangest Phobias Ever

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