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Top Ten Most Poisonous Plants On Earth

Plants as we all know are very important to sustain life on earth, plants are the only way for oxygen production that is needed for the human and animal survival not just that but plants are also an essential food source for humans and animals in addition to its medicament that we obtain for the production of many drugs , although plants are a very important factor or our survival some plants can cause certain death to humans and animals due to its poisonous toxins , if you want to discover the Top Ten Most Poisonous Plants On Earth read on this article .

10- White Snake-Root.

White snake root is found mostly in North America, the plant can grow in many different environments as it is very adaptive, the toxin in this plant is tremotol , this plant grow widely and was eaten by animals like cattle which made the mild and meat obtained from those cattle poisonous to human, this was confused with milk sickness in humans but later the reason was discovered which was white snake-root that was consumed by cattle.

9- Doll’s Eyes .

The plant is known by this name due to its clear white fruits with a black dot in the middle that make it look like doll eyes, although the plant is very decorative and beautiful it is deadly poisonous to humans, the white berries are the richest part with its poison, it cause cardio toxic , birds were found not to be effected by the toxicity of this plant.

8- Venous Fytrap .

Just taking a look at this plant is enough to give you the feel that it is poisonous, as the name of it indicate , it is a fly trap that consist of two hinged leaves that work as a cage once the fly is captured , the plant shut its leaves on the insect within less than 0.1 second .

7- Common Bladder Wort .

This is a carnivorous plant from a marine environment , all this family of plants ( carnivorous ) form no type of threat for human beings but they are effective predators for small in size creatures , once a small crustacean or small fish get any near to the yellow bladder of this plant it opens up and absorb the small creature for nutrition .

6- Angel Trumpet .

Unlike the name and the beautiful look of the plant that look like down pointing flowers that look like trumpet , this plant is very deadly dangerous, the powder extract of this plant has been used for committing many crimes throughout history , it cause sever effects such as paralysis of the body muscles that effect breathing and heart beats leading to death .

5- Pitcher Plant .

This plant is another member of the carnivorous family , it got its name from the pitch like look of its colored leaves that attract insects that get caught immediately as soon as they touch the outside leave of the plant, the plant decompose the insect body within seconds of its absorption .

4- Oleander .

Oleander although it is poisonous it has very beautiful fragrant flowers that make it widely grown in gardens, in 2002 alone there was 845 poison cases reported in the USA with only 3 death cases , the toxic reaction of this plant is cardio toxin which can cause irregular heartbeats, abdominal sever pains and even coma that lead to death .

3- Western Water Hemlock .

This plant is considered the most poisonous plant in North America , this plant has a very beautiful look and pleasant odor which make it consumed widely by animals , even a small portion of this plant is enough to show its toxic effects in humans like paralysis and respiratory system failure within only 15 minutes.

2- Suicide Tree.

This tree has two varieties but the poisonous one is the one that grow in India, the tree has green fruits that are similar in their look to lime, the poison aspect lay in the seeds of the fruits as they have very strong alkaloid that cause cardio toxic and alters the CA channel of the heart leading to repertory failure.

1- Castor Plant.

This is the most deadly and very poisonous plant but despite that fact it is widely cultivated as an ornament plant, the toxin of the plant lay in its fruits and seeds that later get refines to make available for human consumption castor oil, the symptoms of castor poison include vomiting, sever abdominal cramps, tremors , sever bloody diarrhea and sever dehydration which all result in death.

Top Ten Most Poisonous Plants On Earth

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