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Top Ten Most Nutritious Foods

With our daily busy lifestyle we tend to consume fast foods that are poor with healthy ingredients which eventually affect our health and energy level , However if we pay enough attention to the ingredients in our meals we can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with high energy level and all the nutrients that are needed for a healthy body , below we have prepared to you a list of the Top Ten Most Nutritious Foods to include in your daily meals so let us discover that below .

10- Green Peas .

Green Peas are rich with antioxidants , vitamins and minerals that are needed to protect the body from diseases and strengthen the immune system , Green Peas are great for a healthy skin and hair as it is rich with vitamin C and E plus it is easy to prepare in less than 10 minutes they are done so make sure to include it in your meals .

9- Bananas .

Bananas are delicious and loved by almost everyone , it is filling and nutritious , Bananas are ideal specially for those with high blood pressure and those who want to lose weight , it is rich with fiber , vitamins and minerals and low on fat which make it an optimal choice for a healthy snack .

8- Rosemary .

Rosemaries are great to enhance memory and brain power , rosemaries are also rich with anti inflammatory that boost the immune system . it is also great for high blood pressure and asthma sufferers .

7- Carrots .

Carrots are very nutritious and healthful , they are great for skin and hair health , plus the phytonutrients content in carrots help to reduce the growth of cancer cells specially colon cancer cells .

6- Apple .

Apples are very helpful to those aiming to lose weight as they are rich with quercetin and flavonoids that reduce the digestion of carbohydrates , apples also increase the production of insulin , reduce bad cholesterol and risk of lung cancer .

5- Almonds .

The monounsaturated fats in almonds keep the heart protected from heart diseases and help controlling the sugar level in the blood for diabetic people , it is rich with vitamin E , potassium and magnesium in addition to the antioxidants that boost the immune system .

4- Kiwi .

Kiwis are a light snack that is rich with fibers that boost the work of the digestive system , it also control high sugar levels in the blood , high cholesterol and high blood pressure , the vitamin C in kiwi is important for the health of akin , hair and the immune system .

3- Salmon .

Salmon is a great source of omega 3 which is proven to reduce blood pressure and protect from heart diseases and high cholesterol levels , omega3 is also proven to boost brain power and memory .

2- Dark Chocolate .

Dark chocolate is a great treat or snack it is rich with antioxidants , fibers , iron , magnesium , copper , manganese and selenium , the antioxidants work on boosting the immune system plus dark chocolate is proven to reduce blood pressure , risk of heart diseases and cholesterol .

1- Blueberries .

Blueberries are for no doubt the healthiest and most nutritious food in the world , it is low with fat and sodium and rich with antioxidants fiber , vitamin C and K .

Top Ten Most Nutritious Foods

Top Ten Most Nutritious Foods

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