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Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate

All of us adults or kids love to eat chocolate , and incorporate it in many types of deserts mainly for its sweet and satisfying taste , well the sweet taste of chocolate is one essential fact to love but there are many other interesting facts about chocolate that make chocolate an interesting and healthy food to eat , one of the most interesting facts about chocolate is that it helps producing the happiness hormone serotonin in the body which give a boost to the mood and create a feeling of happiness , there are many other interesting facts a about chocolate and below we will introduce u to the Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate.

10- Sugar Free Chocolate Isn’t Really Sugar Free .

It could be q bit of a big shock for everyone that have been convinced that sugar free chocolate is really sugar-free. Studies reported nutrition experts proved even sugar-free chocolate gives you a huge sugar rush more than any ordinary chocolate bar or candy.

9- Chocolate Was The First Spark In The Invention Of Microwave .

A well known scientist was once walking an emission tube during the world war two and he noticed that the bar of chocolate in his pocket actually dissolved by the end of the tube , hence he found out that emission can heat food and make it taste fresher.

8. Chocolate confections don’t really have chocolate .

This might be a bit shocking to heat but according to a report presented by Hershy,that there isn’t really any particular standard set that qualifies a chocolate bar as a dark chocolate bar. And because of that most of the chocolate confessions dont contain ot contain a very small percentage of chocolate

7. Americans contribute to half of the world’s chocolate consumption .

It is shocking isn’t it? Americans consume about half of the world’s entire chocolate. If we will convert it into weight, it equals up to over 3 billion pounds of chocolate consumed . and come secondly is Europe consuming almost 40% of the world’s chocolate.

6.Chocolate is effective in preventing tooth decay.

It is really a fact that chocolate can really be effective in terms if preventing tooth decay. Denticle studies proved that pure Cocoa chocolate can actually be effective in terms of preventing tooth decay. As it goes deep in the gums and reach in the empty spaces that are between the teeth.

5. Chocolate erupts pleasure.

Science proved that chocolate can make you feel happy. There are natural chemicals contain actual chocolate that do really effect your mood in a positive way which is named tryptophan that effectively sparks the feeling of love in a human body once it is consumed .

4. Chocolate Caused An Actual Death

There was an actual case in mexico that actually did die after consuming chocolate but the chocolate itself wasn’t the main cause of the death but it was the poison in the chocolate bar as it was actually poisoned .

3. Coca Beans Was Used Once As A Type Of Currency .

It is mentioned in history that Aztecs and Mayans used to use coca beans as a type of currency as their Kings used to drink melted cocas drinks often and thus the people used it as a type of currency.

2. Chocolate Contains More Than Caffeine .

Theobrime which is contained in chocolate which is a chemical that is much similar to caffeine in the effect , but has a relatively mild effect than caffeine It is used mainly for treating body tissues and controlling blood pressure.

1. Africa Is Short Of Chocolate .

This might sound alarming but indeed . There is a serious shortage happening for the supply of coca beans to the world. Lately a disease has spread in Latin America farms which affected negatively the supply of cocoa beans to the chocolate manufactures in the world .

Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Chocolate