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Top Ten Most Important Table Manners To Teach Your Children

Table Manners are one of the most important things to teach your children as it is reflect an impression about them and how they were raised , Table manners are also a key role in your children social success , Teaching your children the correct table manners will give an idea for the people about the kind of environment your children actually have in the house as it will also make a huge progress in your children behaviors and help then to understand and have sore moral values . we have prepared you a list of the Top Ten Most Important Table Manners To Teach Your Children below to help you know where to start and how so find them out below .

10- Greet The Others .

The dinner time is the time that all the family member gather and spend family times . however some of the children tent to come to the dinning table quickly eat a meal and move away , Here comes your job to teach them to greet people once they come to the dinning table , This leaves a really good impression about your children as the first impression always last , If your children forgot to greet everyone on the dinning table you can simply remind them or greet them so they remember .

9- Setting The Table .

This is an essential and basic table mannerism that you need to teach your children , They should know that the fork set on the left of the plate , knife , spoon and glass on the right of the plate , the blade of the knife should be directed towards the plate and napkin go beside the fork . It is also essential to teach them not to start eating before everyone is served .

8- Sitting While eating .

If is also important to teach your children the manners of sitting while eating , that they should sit on the table with their back straight and their elbows off the table , napkin should be placed in their laps and if they forget to place the napkin on their laps simply remind them or tell them to watch and repeat what you do.

7- Chewing Manners .

No one wishes to look at an opened mouth chewing food so one of the most important table manners to teach your children is to chew the food with their mouth closed and don’t talk while chewing .

6- When To Ask For Food .

Another important thing to teach your children is when and how to ask for food instead of reaching for it and crossing others which is unacceptable , teach your kid to never forget worlds like ” please ” and “thank you ” as they are highly important in the table manners .

5- Use The Fork And Spoon .

Teach your children to use the fork and spoon to eat instead of their figures and that it is totally unacceptable to use their fingers to push the food in the fork , making noise with the fork and spoons should be one thing to warn your children from doing as well as it may sound rude and reflect an unpleasant impression .

4- Not To Stuff The Food In Their Mouths .

Stuffing the food in the mouth is unpleasant to look at as well as not healthy as it can cause choking or digestion problems , it will be better to have small morsels in their mouths at a time which make the conversation easier and give a good impression about them .

3- Never To Pick Their Teeth .

Teach your children to never pick their teeth at the dinning table , and that using a tooth pick is a more correct choice , if they can not get the stuck food out of their teeth that they should excuse themselves and go to the restroom where they can do that comfortably .

2- Say Thank You .

Make sure to teach your children to always say thank you to the person that spent time cooking the food and the person that is serving the food , you should tell them that doing so takes time and effort and saying thank you would show enough appreciation .

1- Appreciate The Food .

Here is the most important thing to teach your children in terms of table manners , teach your children not to make rude statements about the food which can be hurtful to the person that cooked it , or any statement about any person eating habits , Explaining to your children that food is a bless and there is so much time , effort and money needed to prepare every meal on the table should make them realize why they shouldn’t make any rude statements or disrespect the food .

Top Ten Most Important Table Manners To Teach Your Children