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Top Ten Most Filling Foods

Controlling hunger while being on a diet is not an easy thing , as a matter of fact it is one of the most prominent problems that we all face while being on a diet , decreasing the amount of food you have in a meal might result in a feeling of being unsatisfied or low on energy , Therefore we have made our researches to present to you a list of the Top Ten Most Filling Foods that can help you control hunger while being on a diet , so let us take a look below at the list that we have prepared to you .

10- Baked Potatoes .

Baked potatoes or boiled potatoes was ranked on a study to be the most filling food that is low with calories at the same time , potatoes are very nutritious and will provide your body with plenty of vitamins and fibers ,Hence it is an ideal option for dieters.

9- Eggs .

Eggs is another option that can keep you full for longer time , eggs are rich with protein and amino acids and low with calories , mixing eggs with vegetables should increase the potential health benefit of the meal with only extra a few calories .

8- Greek Yogurt .

Having dairy proteins help maintain the blood sugar level stable for longer times and Greek yogurt is a great source for dairy protein as it have almost double the amount in the regular yogurt with less sugar .

7- Apples .

Apples have pectin which help you lose pounds and at the same time get you to feel full faster with eating less food than you normally eat , eating fresh apples should be of a more benefit than an equal amount of apple juice .

6- Popcorn .

Popcorn can be taken as a snack at night while watching a movie , having three cups of popcorn will occupy a big space of your stomach and make you feel full .

5- Figs .

Figs are a brilliant natural alternative to cookies and cakes to those with a sweet tooth , it is rich with fiber and vitamins and it amazingly regulate the blood sugar for many hours after consuming it which should make you feel full for longer time .

4- Oatmeal .

Oatmeal is a very filling and satisfying meal with low calories high fiber content , oatmeal absorb liquids just like a sponge and that is why it pass to your digestive system much slower which make you feel fuller for longer time .

3- Wheat Berries .

Wheat berries are super rich with proteins and fibers which stimulate the ghrelin hormones in your brain which make you feel full and satisfied , mixing wheat berries with fruits or adding it to a regular oatmeal with milk should be even more effective .

2- Avocado .

Avocado get absorbed in the digestive system slow and produce sugar in the blood slow which should keep you energetic and full for long time , adding it to salads or oatmeal will be a brilliant meal .

1- Fruit Smoothies .

Smoothies is a great way to have vitamins , fibers , protein and minerals in a tasty drink , having a smoothy with or before each meal will make you eat less food and feel full much quicker .

Top Ten Most Filling Foods

Top Ten Most Filling Foods Top Ten Most Filling Foods

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