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Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World

Have you ever went to a really luxurious restaurant and while looking on the menu you noticed a dish that is really expensive like unbelievably expensive ? Have you at least heard of any dish that sells for so much money and wondered what the reason might be ? well there are some ingredients that can be added to a dish and make it really expensive like the ingredients that we will mention to you below , these ingredients you wont easily find them in an ordinary grocery shop for one good reason which is abnormally high price , discover those highly expensive ingredients below in the Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World.

10- Shark Fins .

Shark fins are mostly found in the Chinese luxurious cuisine it is usually presented when the host want to impress that guests , The process of fining a shark , finding a shark then cutting its fins off and leaving it to die in the water can be a factor behind the high cost .

9- Moose House Cheese .

Exclusively found in the Moose House in Bjurholm, Sweden by the milk of three specific moose named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna is the most expensive cheeses in the world , the moose chease is mainly expensive because of the moose milking season that is so short .

8- Matsutake Mushroom.

This rare species of mushrooms used to grow in the Japanese pine forests where the pathogens cut off huge numbers of these trees which affected the supply of these rare mushrooms and that is why even one would sell for hundreds .

7- Kobe Beef .

The process how Kobe Beef is made is by feeding the cattle a beer every day and regularly massaging it which eventually result in a marbled and fatty cut of meat , the one piece of the Kobe Beef stake can vary from $500 to $1.600 .

6- Almas Caviar .

This rare caviar can require starting from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars just to buy a tin whenever it is found , it is originally produced in Iran and it is incredibly difficult to find .

5- Swallow’s Nest .

These nests are made of the saliva of swifts that are harvested in caves and barns and is celebrated in the Chinese cuisine, where bird’s nest soup is considered to be a luxurious meal with a lot of health benefits .

4- Saffron .

Saffron is highly used in a lot of dishes in the European and Asian cuisine , it is extracted from a flower named Crocus sativas and you can find only one grain of saffron in each flower which is the reason why it is highly costly .

3- Vanillin .

Vanillin is a key ingredient in many deserts like ice creams , tarts , cakes and more , although the vanilla extract that is found in any grocery shop is affordable the pure vanilla beans can get really expensive ranging from $3500 to $4000 per pound .

2- Yubari Melon .

The Japanese people are known to have a lot of appreciation for all types of melons , the Yubari melons have to pass by four grades of quality , an affordable Yubari melon can be found with hundreds of dollars while the most expensive were sold for $26000 each .

1- White Truffle .

The white truffle is very rarer it unavailably have an extremely short growing season prices have went so much high in the last several decades to mention how much it cost , white truffle selling for over $300000.

Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World

Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World Top Ten Most expensive Ingredients In The World

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