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Top Ten Most Common Reasons For Miscarriage

The real reason for miscarriage in most cases can be caused by natural or environmental causes , The miscarriage is the death of the fetus or loss of pregnancy at any point before the fetus is grown enough to survive in the world . unfortunately , almost 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end up with miscarriage , most of the first trimester miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities , other surrounding factors can contribute in ending the pregnancy with miscarriage such as too much stress , too much work or smoking and alcoholism habits and many other causes that can end a pregnancy with miscarriage . we will list to you below the most 10 common causes for miscarriage .

10- Consuming Antibiotics

Some women think that using unknown antibiotics by themselves can secure the life of their fetuses but this is actually a very wrong concept , antibiotics can be a very primary cause for miscarriage , you should only use any type of medicines during pregnancy if prescribed by your doctor and avoid using any unnecessary medicines even if they are just pain killers .

9- Too Much Stress

Believe it or not but stress do contribute in ending a pregnancy with a miscarriage , here comes the responsibility of the family and partner to keep the pregnant lady relaxed and far away from any source of stress ,try to neglect thinking about stressful things and problems that can put you in a bad mood or under stress .

8- Over Working Yourself

The rest is highly needed during the pregnancy months , over working yourself and being exhausted all the time can seriously cause miscarriage , the risks of miscarriage arise too much in the working women that don’t arrange the schedule of their days and keep working hard all the day without giving themselves enough time to relax.

7- Various Diseases

Sometimes and not in all cases some types of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can increase the risk of miscarriage , the pregnant lady could be suffering from these diseases even before she conceive or they can develop temporarily only during the pregnancy months , However even if these diseases don’t cause miscarriage in all cases but they surely can cause harm to the fetus , Hence being calm and making sure to consume only healthy foods during your pregnancy should reduce the risks of becoming hypertension or diabetic during your pregnancy .

6- Smoking Or Alcoholism Habits

This problem is very common in Europe and America where the ladies can not give up their habits of drinking alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy which could cause serious damage to the fetus and might end the pregnancy with miscarriage .

5- Hormonal Issues

Hormonal changes must happen during the pregnancy months , However abnormal hormonal changes in the fetus or the pregnant lady can significantly rise the risk of miscarriage hence asking your doctor for a hormonal test every month and regularly should keep you secure and reduce the risks of miscarriage .

4- Unhealthy Diet

No doubt that a healthy diet is highly needed from the time plan for pregnancy , a pregnant lady’s body is in need to a good amount of liquids and particularly water which I mean no less than 3 liters of water a day as it helps to get rid of excessive sodium levels in the blood , healthy food that consist balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals is also needed for a healthy pregnancy .

3- Chromosomal Abnormalities

One of the primary reasons for miscarriage during the first trimester is chromosomal abnormalities or mismatch in the fertilized egg , which means that the woman’s egg or the sperm had abnormal numbers of chromosomes which caused in abnormal development for the fertilized egg .

2- Neglecting Sleep

Sleep is another needed factor in order to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby , sleep in fact is needed for all of your body organs to function properly , maintain a normal blood pressure and reduce the stress . make sure to have at least 8 or 9 hours sleep every day .

1- Blood Clots In The Placenta

The placenta is what carry nourishment and oxygen to the fetus hence any problem with the placenta lead in problems for the fetus , some factors that rely to the pregnant lady’s body can cause clots to form in the placenta and some of these factors include diabetes , hypertension or obesity . consult your doctor and ask for a medical advice in most cases blood thinners can be used to prevent the problem if the pregnant lady is at risk of developing clots in the placenta or she had a history of developing clots on the placenta.

The pregnancy months require a lot of attention and care from the pregnant lady and her family and emotional support is also highly needed in order to have a healthy pregnancy , having a new guest at home deserve to sacrifice a little .

Top Ten Most Common Reasons For Miscarriage

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