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Top Ten Most Brutal Serial Killers

We always hear brutal stories about serial killers and how they kill their victims , mainly American serial killers are the ones that are more talked about in the media , however on this article we will inform you about the most brutal serial killers ever no matter where they came from in addition to some facts about where they come from and the number of their victims and the method or their motives behind killing . so follow up with us below to discover the World’s Top Ten Most Brutal Serial Killers .

10- The Candy Man.

The Candy Man whose real name was Dean Arnold Corll had 27 victims and he is from the USA , He was the one responsible for the Houston Mass Murders , This homo sexual man has killed 27 men with his own hands.

9- Ahmad Saradji.

Ahmad Saradji is an Indonesian citizen that was working a witch doctor and he had 24 victims that he killed claiming that he done that according to the desire of his dead father that speak to him , Ahmed Saradji used to bury the women up to their waists and afterwards kill them by strangling .

8- The Green River killer.

The Green River killer whose real name is Gary Leon Ridgeway’s had his first victims killed by the green river USA which is where he got his nickname from , He had killed 48 victims claiming that he was only working to kill prostitutes .

7- The Red Ripper or the Rostov Ripper.

The Red Ripper or the Rostov Ripper whose real name is Andrei Chikatilo came from Ukrain and he had 53 victims , his victims are men , women , children and old people in a various ways but he used to always mutilate his victims .

6- Chessboard Killer or Bitsa Park Maniac.

Chessboard Killer or Bitsa Park Maniac whose real name is Alexander Pichushkin’s that comes from Russia was charged and confessed of killing 60 victims by smashing the back of their head with a hammer , he was charged of killing 11 more that were found killed the same way .

5- Monster killer.

The Monster killer of China’s real name is Yang Xinhai is not known only for killing 65 victims but also for raping other 23 victims in the time between 1999 and 2004 , he was executed by a shot in the back of his head .

4- Coral.

Coral is a US citizen that is charged for having over 100 victims , he confessed that he killed his first 20 victims before he becomes 20 years old , he changed his talk many time at first he confessed for killing 11 victims and then changed his talk to the first 20 and then 40 .

3- The Beast.

Luis Garavito is the beast serial killer that comes from Colombia , He confessed to the police of killing 140 boys after raping them violently and then cutting their throats but later it was found out that the real number for his victims are 300 .

2- Blood Countess.

Countess Erzsébet Báthory is named the Blood Countess due to 600 virgin girls victims that she killed in order to swim in their blood which she believed to be good for her skin and complexion , she is considered the most brutal femal murder in the world .

1- Thug Behram.

Thug Behram whose name was taken from the English word Thuggee cult to where thug belongs , he killed his 931 victims by strangling them with a cloth during cult ceremonies .

Top Ten Most Brutal Serial Killers

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