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Top Ten Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders

Sleep is among the essential factors for life , some of us get too much sleep , some of us get just a little bit of sleep and most of us get just the needed hours of sleep daily , by sleeping we refresh our bodies and get ourselves ready for the next day challenges , while sleeping , our brains are very active which cause dreaming for most of us while others experience bizarre sleep disorders , Discover below the Top Ten Most Bizarre Sleep Disorder .

10- Sleep Bruxism .

Sleep Bruxism is grinding the teeth together while sleeping , specialists assume that the problem might be caused by stress , anxiety or suppressed anger that comes out while sleeping , the problem is usually simple and need a simple treatment .

9- Sleep Apnea .

This disorder is serious and can not be neglected , there are two types of Sleep Apnea which are Obstructive which cause the throat muscles to relax while sleeping and the airways to narrow or completely close , and the Central Sleep Apnea which is when the brain lose the ability to send signals to the breathing muscles while sleeping , waking up tired even after a long sleep and loud soaring can be indicators for the disorder .

8- Somnambulism .

Somnambulism is commonly known as sleep walking , it is supposed to be a harmless situation but in some cases it can get dangerous , as usually the sleepwalkers will do basic daily tasks which may be driving and in this case it gets dangerous , usually children between the age if 8 to 14 years old experience sleep walking and they don’t remember it when they wake up .

7- Narcolepsy .

All normal people sometimes feel very tired during the day but sufferers of Narcolepsy are usually extremely tired during the day which make them fall into sudden sleeps during the day , there is no cure to get rid of the problem that was found yet .

6- Restless Legs Syndrome .

Suffered of this syndrome usually experience an urge to move their legs while sitting down or laying down , the urge is so strong and can’t be resisted which disturbs a normal sleep pattern .

5- Hypersomnia .

Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder where the sufferer will experience periods of sever sleepiness that can last up to 18 hours a day for days or even weeks , it is said that only 200 people are suffering from Hypersomnia in the world currently .

4- REM Sleep Behavior Disorder .

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is a type of sleep parasomnia where the person experience sleep walking and sleep talking due to very vivid dreams that are usually full of violence , swearing , hitting and fighting , the situation if remained without curing it can get really serious .

3- Exploding Head Syndrome .

This sleep disorder is also another parasomnia syndrome where the sufferer hear very loud noises in the head right before falling asleep or in the middle of the sleep which disturbs the sleep and cause distress .

2- Sleep Paralysis .

Sleep Paralysis is where the sufferer experience a full body paralysis while falling asleep or after walking up , Usually a normal person experience atonia which makes the body stay still and relax while sleeping , However people with this disorder experience the atonia right before falling asleep or after waking up and it only stay for a few minutes .

1- Non 24 Hours Sleep And Wake Syndrome .

Blind people are the ones that usually suffer from this syndrome , usually normal people have a day circle of 24 hours that they sleep within and work within , however the sufferers from this syndrome will have a day circle of up to 72 hours where they stay awake for 48 hours and sleep for 24 hours .

Top Ten Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders

Top Ten Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders  Top Ten Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders

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