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Top Ten Mood Booster Foods

Sometimes we are just not in a good mood and that can be caused by many reasons including a stressful work day , the daily challenges , the weather , headaches or any other reason which slow us down and make us unable to achieve the daily tasks on the best manner however there are some types of foods that can actually work on boosting your mood and put you on a positive state of mind which can be the solution for this problem . If you include the foods that will be mentioned below on this article in your daily diet you should notice that you have a positive mood most of the time, discover with us on the following list the Top Ten Mood Booster Foods.

10- Dates.

Dates have a high sugar content that will provide your body with instant energy and protein thus having a snack of dates everyday will surely boost your mood and make you feel energetic in addition to the potential health benefits for eye sight that dates provide your body with .

9- Walnuts .

You can have as much walnuts as you want they are very healthy as they are rich with Omega 3 fatty acids and carbohydrates , walnuts provide your body with instant energy plus they are great to improve your brain power , regulates your blood circulation and boost your mood .

8- Tomato Juice .

Whenever you feel angry or just in a bad mood consider to have a refreshing cold glass of tomato juice , beside the great benefit of tomato in regards of boosting the mood it is also great to solve many of your skin problems .

7- Lemon Water .

Lemon water can boost your mood and energy , it is also effective in terms of protecting you from depression as it has a calming effect on the entire nervous system which will surely grant you a good mood .

6- Dark Chocolate .

Even a small 40g square of dark chocolate can effectively boost your mood as dark chocolate make the brain release endorphins and boost the hormones of happiness serotonin.

5- Mangoes .

Mangoes have such a sweet satisfying taste that will surely give a lift to your mood , it is rich with fibers for a healthy digestion process , plus mangoes have a great effect on regulating the blood circulation so you can enjoy fresh eating fresh mangoes or enjoying mango juice to boost your mood .

4- Sardines .

People that have omega 3 deficiency are more susceptible to anxiety and depression , Sardines as well as salmon and mackerel fish are rich with Omega 3 fatty acids that are important to prevent depression and maintain a good mood

3- Yogurt .

Yogurt is one of the sources of vitamin D and calcium, studies showed that vitamin D deficiency can lead to many diseases including depression , heart diseases , cancer and osteoporosis, it is known that the best way to have vitamin D is by the sun but if you are not having enough sun then try to include foods that are rich with vitamin D like yogurt .

2- Chicken And Turkey .

Chicken and turkey are rich with amino acids tryptophan which is used by the body to make serotonin the happiness hormone , in addition to producing the melatonin hormone which helps regulating sleep .

1- Oats .

One of the most effective mood boosters is Oat as they are low on the glycaemic index , Oats work on releasing energy in the body slowly to help maintaining regular blood sugar which stabilize the mood accordingly .

top Ten Mood Booster Foods

Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods Top Ten Mood Booster Foods

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