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Top Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain

The way our human brain function is a very complicated yet interesting way at the same time , scientists until now are not quit sure how everything work exactly and some of the old conclusions about the human brain turned out to be wrong , However new experiments and conclusions were found out about the functionality of our brains and in this article we will inform you of Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain so enjoy reading the following .

10- You Can Control The Way Your Brain Perceive Time .

Have you ever felt that time is going so fast ? Well now you can control the way your brain perceive time by doing new things , Our brains get a number of information sent by our senses in a non organized order , and then it work on reorganizing these information and present it to us in a way the is understandable for us , processing familiar information take much shorter time than processing new information , new information take time to be processed which make the time feel longer .

9- Exercising Protect Your Brain And Memory .

We all agree that exercise is good for our bodies including our brains , the way exercise that protect our brains and our memory is a very interesting way , once you exercise and you heart pressures rise , your brain start feeling that this is a moment of stress like you might be fighting an enemy , so to protect your body from this stress your brain produce a protein called BDNF ( Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor ) this protein is responsible to repair and protect the memory and that is why you mostly have more ability to solve problems after you exercise .

8- Meditation Weaken Anxiety Reactions By The Brain .

This is another interesting thing that was just found out , when you feel pain or scared the information travel to a center in your brain which is responsible for your personal experiences , this point create a very strong reaction once it feel that your body is under attack However once you exercise you weaken the connection between your senses and that point of the brain because you train your body not to follow the reactions of that point and do foolish things to protect yourself which eventually reduce your anxiety and boost your reasoning abilities .

7- Our Brains Make Us Like People Who Make Mistakes .

It is strange to find out the making mistakes can actually make us more likable , this is a theory of psychologist Elliot Aronson who brought a group of participants to listen to a recording that included people answering a quiz , the recording included some people who were knocking on a cup of coffee and when the participants were asked to choose the group that was more likable they chosen the coffee knockers .

6- The Brain Is What Is Responsible For Introversion And Extroversion .

Yes this is true , being introvert or extrovert is not caused by how much we socialize it is caused by special wiring in the brains where for extrovert people is the strength of the connection between the senses and the dopamine system in their brain that tend to push extrovert people to look for excitement , rewards and doing unfamiliar things .

5- Vision Have More Echo On The Brain Than Other Senses .

That is true , your brain process the information it receive by vision much faster than other senses , a study showed that looking at a picture of something or taking a visual information in our brains remains in our memory by at least 65% three days layer , while recording information by hearing remain in our memory by only 10% three days later .

4- Naps Improve Our Learning Abilities .

A study was made by California university on a group of participants who were asked to work on a challenging task that will need them to take much information in at about midday , at 2 pm some of the participants fell asleep while others stayed awake , the interesting thing was that the group who took a nap was able to perform better than the other group and not only that their performance after the nap was notably better than before the nap .

3- Our Brains Can Not Multitask .

All of us believed that we have the ability of multitasking which turned out to be impossible , when we think that we are multitasking all we are doing at that time is just switching back and forth between the tasks that we are doing which absorb a high level of brain power to do the switching and cause us to make more mistakes and take almost double the time to achieve any task .

2- Stress Affect Our Memory.

It is as scary as it sounds , continues stress cause a part called Hippocampus in our brains to shrink , this part is reasonable for creating memories .

1- Our Brains Function Better On Creative Work When Tired .

When you are tired , at the end of the day your brain is also tired and not efficient enough to filter information the best way , which make thinking about new things and non realistic things easier to do .

Top Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain

Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain Ten Interesting Facts About Our Human Brain

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