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Top Ten home Remedies To Treat Dry Winter Skin

Many reasons cause our skin to dry up in the winter , cold temperatures, low humidity and other wrong habits that we often do in winter like spending longer times enjoying hot baths and using heaters all contribute in leaving our skin dry and dull and that is why we are here to present to you the Top Ten Home Remedies To Treat Dry Winter Skin , we all know that nature carry a lot of benefits for us and that is why we should get back to nature to overcome the annoying problem of dry winter skin , all the remedies that will be listed below are natural without any side effects , so follow up with us .

10- Fresh Cream And Lemon .

Lemon is known for its bleaching and scraping abilities that leave the skin radiant and fresh , mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of fresh cream and apply the mixture to your face , massage for five minutes and then wash it off , repeat this once a day for best results .

9- Curd With Honey.

Both curd and honey will nourish your skin , curd has lots of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants and honey have antibacterial , both are rich with vitamins and minerals that the skin need to look healthy and glowing , a teaspoon of curd with half a teaspoon of honey and massage your face with , leave it till dry and then wash off .

8- Mixture Of Natural Oils .

Mix coconut , almond and olive oil together , warm the mixture up in a hot water bath and massage your body with before bathing or add the mixture to your bath water , this will moisturize your body and leave it soft like baby skin .

7- Egg Yolks And Rose Water .

Mix one egg yolk with a few drops of rose water and olive oil , apply the paste to your face , leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water , this is a very effective way to beat the dry winter skin problem .

6- Banana Peels .

Yes don’t wonder banana peels are rich with minerals , vitamins and antioxidants that are needed for your skin health , all you need to do it rub banana peels on your face and then wash it off .

5- Natural Milk .

Mix one teaspoon of natural full fat milk with one egg white and a teaspoon of turmeric powder , apply the mixture on your fave , leave it for ten minutes and then wash off , you should notice the immediate difference after the first time .

4- Lupin Beans And Tomato Juice .

Lupin beans work greatly as scrapper it can also reduce the growth of facial hair and it lighten up the dark areas of the skin , Tomato juice perfectly nourish the skin and make it look younger and fresher due to its vitamin C content and antioxidants , what you will need to do it , bring a cup of lupin beans , soak it in water over night , mush it into a paste in your food processor and then mix it with just enough tomato juice to make a soft paste , apply the paste to your face and leave it till it dry and then wash off with the water that you used to soak the lupin beans.

3- Cucumber Slices .

Cucumber has been used for centuries to treat skin problems , slice up one cucumber , put the slices on your face for ten minutes and you will witness the huge difference after a few uses .

2- Aloe Vera .

Aloe vera is rich with vitamin E that is needed for the wellbeing of the skin , you can use Aloe Vera extract as your everyday skin care routine , and if possible try to extract the gel yourself instead of using the ones that are sold ready .

1-Papaya Paste .

Papaya is very beneficial to the skin and is very popular for treating skin problems , use a paste of papaya to rub your face with and leave it till it dry up and then wash off .

Top Ten home Remedies To Treat Dry Winter Skin