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Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress

When the time of exams is coming near all students start getting tense and stressed which is totally natural , however the stress can slow us down and disable us of organizing our thoughts and time in order to achieve high scores , getting tense or stressed won’t get us anywhere so we should find ways to ease our stress would be surely helpful , all of us passed by these times and to help we have prepared a list of the Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress , find out how to overcome your exams stress in the following list .

10- Eat Healthy .

Healthy eating habits strengthen our immune system which keep us healthy and have high energy levels , Healthy foods specially foods that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids are proven to improve the brain functionality so make sure to maintain a healthy diet .

9- Avoids Using Mobiles .

Mobiles and getting in contact with friends , opening conversations or discovering new apps can distract us from concentrating on the studies and eventually we end up wasting a lot of time in vain so make sure to keep your mobile phone out of your hand reach for a few weeks before the exams in order to save every moment of your time for your studies .

8- Be Confident .

Losing confidence of yourself and what you can do won’t help you at all instead keep up your self confidence and know that if you have studied hard all year you will surely get high scores .

7- Do Prayers .

Surely prayers work , pray for your own success and you will have no regret , prayers also help you to clear your mind and focused on your goal more which help you to focus on how you reach it .

6- Don’t Lose Concentration .

Many of us like to do other activities while studying which is the worst thing we can do , concentrating on studies alone and avoiding doing any other activities in the study time such as watching TV , communicating with friends online or listening to songs and music should help us concentrate more on the studies .

5- Set Yourself A Schedule .

Making a proper time table and scheduling your priorities should help easing the stress that usually come before exams by helping you to concentrate more and not getting confused , not having an organized study plane may end you us focusing more for one subject and not the other .

4- Don’t Discuss What You Studies .

Discussing how many chapters you done studying with friends is always a source of stress for us , for example , if you finished studying two chapters of a subject and you hear your friend finished studying more then the competitive nature that all of us will just make you more pressurized and stressed .

3- Avoids Last Minute Study .

Last minute study always freak us out , if you are one that believe in last minute study then know that you will be highly stressed and maybe unable to get high scores , try avoiding this habit and instead work on preparing for your exams since the first day of the lecture .

2- Avoids Fighting .

Naturally when the time of exams come near you start feeling stressed which can drive you to start a fight for any inane reason which will waste your time and give you negative energy that you are in no need to .

1- Avoided Extra Books .

Getting extra knowledge from other books other than the ones that belong to your curriculum will end up taking too much additional time and stressing you out , you can leave the extra readings for the summer vacation and only stick to the books that belong to your curriculum to save yourself any needless stress .

Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress

Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress Top Ten Helpful Ways To Overcome Exams Stress

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