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Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Pistachio is a type of nuts that can be eaten in many forms , pistachios can be enjoyed fresh , salted , roasted , in ice cream , in salads and many other deserts , although pistachios are such small seeds they contain high level of nutrients that include minerals , antioxidants and vitamins and so they can make a great healthy and filling snacks , pistachios have numerous health and beauty benefits that include better blood circulation , maintaining healthy hair and skin , improving brain power ,strengthening immune system and many more health benefits , in the following list we will mention to you the Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios .

10- Healthy Skin .

Pistachios have a high content of vitamin E that maintain a radiant , glowing and fresh skin , the vitamin E content is vital to protect the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun that speed up the skin aging , Pistachios also have antioxidants that prevent the skin from looking dull and also prevent wrinkles and even the fine lines .

9- Healthy Hair .

A mask of pistachio paste on the hair weekly help to deeply moisturize and nourish the hair from the roots to the ends , pistachio hair mask is also highly effective to treat split ends and strength strands , a maximum effect can be guaranteed if you make sure to include a serving of pistachios in you daily diet to get the maximum benefit of the fatty acids contained in pistachios .

8- Anti-Inflammatory purposes .

The high content of vitamin A and E work as powerful antioxidants that protect the tissues , muscles and bones from inflammation which is the reason for many diseases such as Arthritis .you are assured to have the anti-inflammatory benefit of pistachios if you have a handful serving at least twice a week.

7- Better Immune System .

Pistachio is a great natural source of vitamin B6 which is vital in order to maintain a strong immune system and healthy blood circulation , including pistachios in your diet can do miracle in terms of strengthening your immune system , organizing your blood circulation and keeping your heart healthy.

6- Maintaining Healthy Blood Circulation.

As mentioned before pistachios are rich with vitamin B6 which is responsible for increasing the blood hemoglobin’s count in the body and the more stable the hemoglobin is the better for all the blood cells and organs considering that it is the blood that carry the oxygen and nutrients to all the body cells and organs.

5- Increase Brain Power .

One of the many health benefits of pistachio is improving the functioning of the brain as it is a source of vitamin B6 that is essential in improving the functioning of the brain as it improve the transmission process of the nerve impulses , so making sure you have a handful of pistachios while in the office or giving it to your kids while in school will assure a better brain function .

4- Maintain Eye Health .

Pistachios have two powerful antioxidants which are lutein and zeaxanthin that help fight the free radicals which can lead to oxidative damages on the eyes , moreover pistachios can significantly lower the chances of Macular Degeneration ” an age related eye disease ” .

3- Maintain Healthy Organs .

The proper blood circulation that is caused by sufficient vitamin B6 levels make the tissues of each organ in the body have its needed nutrients and oxygens which accordingly cause these organs to function better .

2- Maintain Heart Health .

The high content of beta-carotene , lutein and gamma-tocopherol of which are vital for lowering LDL cholesterol ” bad cholesterol ” and increasing HDL cholesterol ” good cholesterol ” even a handful of pistachios daily can significantly lower chances of heart stroke and hypertension .

1- Diabetes Management .

Most surprising among all the health benefits of pistachios is its potential ability preventing and controlling diabetes through the high content of phosphorous which is a mineral that is needed to complete the process of breaking down proteins into amino acids which leads to increasing the glucose tolerance .

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios Top Ten Health Benefits Of Pistachios

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