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Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic

Using natural elements is a new approach that is being studied by scientists to help curing diseases instead of the chemical medicines , one of the factors that are motivating the world now to head towards nature for curing diseases is that natural elements are actually free of any side effects in addition being rich with many other health benefits that can do good to the body , nature was proven to be rich with substances that are more effective and healthy than those present in chemical medications , Garlic is a natural element that is rich with potential health benefits that we are going to mention to you ten of them below , so go through the following list of the Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic .

10- Garlic For Hair .

Garlic have effective health benefits to treat hair loss , the high levels of allicin in garlic can prevent your hair from falling and at the same time help nutrient your hair and scalp ,oil your hair once a week with garlic oil that can be prepared by adding crushed garlic to olive oil , massage your scalp and hair and then wash ten minutes after .

9- Garlic For Cold .

Garlic is rich with antioxidants which can benefit the immune system and strengthen it to be able to fight diseases and maintain the body healthy , take two big gloves of garlic slice them to thin slices and swallow them with water just as if you were taking a tablet of medication .

8- Garlic For Acne .

Acnes are a bacterial growth in the skin cells , garlic is an effective natural treatment that fight bacteria and stop its growth , rub a little bit of garlic bureau on the parts of your skin where acnes present .

7- Garlic For Rash .

Garlic as we said above is rich with antioxidants and nutrients that can benefit your skin and get rid of the annoying rashes that can be caused by stress or skin condition , apply some garlic bureau on your skin where rashes present to have a silky and glowing skin .

6- Garlic For Weight Loss .

A study that was made on mice to see whether garlic is effective for weight loss or not proved that by giving the mice garlic rich diet they actually end up losing weight , a good way to increase your daily intake of garlic is by grilling it in the oven and scrapping it on bread.

5- Garlic For High Blood Pressure.

Garlic is a natural miracle when it comes to reducing blood pressure , when combined with olive oil and taken daily can replace the medication that is needed for blood pressure , it was also proved that garlic is effective in lowering cholesterol levels in the bloodstream .

4- Garlic For Cold Sores .

Because garlic is a great natural anti-inflammatory element , it is very effective to treat cold sores that can be very annoying and relieve pain , apply a slice of garlic, mush garlic or garlic oil directly on the cold sore twice a day .

3- Garlic For Diabetes .

Garlic is not only effective for controlling high blood pressure but it also showed affectivity with controlling blood sugar levels for the type 2 diabetic people , taking one glove that is cut into thick slices with some water or cinnamon tea before each meal can suffice you of taking chemical medicines .

2- Garlic As A Mosquito Repellant.

Scientists discovered that the smell of garlic is effective to repel mosquitoes , applying garlic oil on the arms , legs and face is highly effective to protect you from the annoying bites of mosquitoes .

1- Garlic For Athletes’ Feet.

One of the many health benefits of garlic is curing the uncomfortable athlete’ foot , all you need to do is simply soak your feet every night for 20 minutes in warm water with garlic slices .

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic Top Ten Health Benefits Of Garlic

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