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Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish

Fish is a great source for protein , healthy fatty acids , and a lot of vitamins and minerals that can suffice your body needlessly to any poultry or red meat , fish also have less health risks than red meat or poultry , a lot of people recognize that fact that fish actually have a lot of potential health benefits but they don’t know what exactly these benefits are , as mentioned fish is rich with vitamins , minerals and fatty acids which make it on the top of the healthy food lists , fish need to be consumed at least twice weekly in order to get the most of its benefits , discover on this list the Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish .

10- High In Protein .

Fish in general is a great source of protein with a very little amount of fat , a lot of body builders include different types of fish like salmon in their daily diet to get the maximum amount of protein to help them building muscles , however the mercury content is something to be monitored if you are going to include fish in your daily diet .

9- Keep Skin Healthy.

The fish is also a great source for beauty vitamins such as vitamin A , D and E which keep the skin elastic , radiant , young and fresh , usually women that want to keep their skin looking healthy get these vitamins by daily supplements but why not to get it by natural sources like have fish twice a week ? The omega 3 fatty acids in fish also contribute in protecting the skin from looking dull .

8- Protect Against Depression .

The fish as known rich with omega 3 fatty acids which was proved to raise the serotonin level in the body which is the hormone responsible for feeling happy , so fish is actually vital in protecting you from falling into depression .

7- Reduce Cholesterol.

It was proved that the people that consume fish on regular bases have low cholesterol levels , the reason is still somehow unknown by science but some scientists link it to the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish .

6- Save Brain Cells .

As the person get older some brain cells die and they never renew again which can lead to developing dementia or Alzheimer in old people , but studies proved that eating fish can help reduce the number of brain cells dying by age .

5- Protect The Heart .

Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids content in fish which help lower cholesterol levels in the blood which keep the heart healthy , low cholesterol levels contribute to protecting against heart strokes , blood clotting or heart tissue inflammation .

4- Protect Eyesight .

The fish and sea food in general is a good source of vitamin A which is vital in protecting the vision from any damages , it might not be very efficient in fixing a current vision problem but it sure can protect against any further problems .

3- Protect From Asthma .

Fish was proven by many researches that it help reduce the risk of developing asthma but the science still don’t know how exactly , some researches were made on children and pregnant women and the researches resulted in proving that fish reduce the risks of asthma .

2- Prevent Premature Births .

This might be quit surprising for you as premature births is a global problem now , a big number of women around the world are somehow unable to carry a baby for full 9 month but fortunately studies showed that eating fish help to relax the uterus muscles which reduce the risk of premature births .

1- Protect Against Cancer .

There is a lot of different foods that protect the body from developing cancer cells and one of those foods is fish , studies proved that people that are eating fish weekly have less changes in developing cancer than the ones that don’t eat fish regularly.

There are many more health benefits for fish the mentioned above are just a few to mention , make sure to have fish at least twice a week to enjoy its health benefits .

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish Top Ten Health Benefits Of Fish

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