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Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee

Most people have misconceptions about coffee believing that coffee is harmful for the health but the good new is that the health benefits of coffee are so much more than any potential harm , the caffeine ,acidity or calories content in coffee is what’s concerning people but what you should know is that a 6 oz cup of coffee without sugar or cream only contain 7 calories in addition there are some types of coffee brands that are low in acidity and caffeine with only two percent of caffeine without any difference in the taste , discover with us below the Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee.

10- Rich With Antioxidants.

The high content of antioxidants in coffee work to protect your body from the free radicals that can cause huge damages for your body which can be considered the most important health benefit for coffee, a lot of studies showed that coffee actually contain more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables .

9- Cancer Prevention .

Studies proved that drinking 4 or 5 cups of coffee everyday can effectively reduce the risk of colon cancer by 15% and the risk of liver cancer by 40% , it is also believed that coffee reduce the risk of skin and breast cancer .

8- Improve Your Physical Performance.

The caffeine in the coffee works on increasing the production of adrenaline in your body with make you exert more physical effort without feeling tired , as it also help to release the calcium that’s stored in your muscles resulting in increasing your muscle power , a cup of coffee is estimated to improve your physical performance by 11 to 12%.

7- Protect Your Liver.

The coffee can lower the risks of any liver disease specially if you consume alcohol , the consumption of alcohol lead to various liver diseases that can be prevented by drinking coffee.

6- Preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases.

Science still don’t know the reason why consuming coffee regularly lower the risks of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases , but the studies showed that people that consume coffee regularly are at low risk for developing these diseases.

5- Prevent Depression .

Harvard university researchers found out that consuming 2 to 4 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of depression by 20% and the risk of suicide by 50% and that’s because coffee work on producing chemicals in your brain that improve the general mood and these chemicals are serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.

4- Help You Losing Weight .

The coffee increase the metabolism in your body that make your body burn my calories , moreover the caffeine in coffee work on stimulating your nervous system which send signals to your brain to break up your stored fat and use it as energy .

3- Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes.

The antioxidants in coffee work on fighting the free radicals that damage the cells of your body which help protecting you from developing type 2 diabetes by 23 to 59%.

2- Decrease Stress .

Studies showed that smelling the aroma of coffee help lowering the stress level associated to sleep deprivation by affecting proteins that are related to higher stress levels .

1- Help You Focus .

By drinking coffee in the morning it cause chemicals reactions in the brain that stimulate your neurons which help you to be able to focus more and accomplish more tasks .

Coffee have a lot of health benefits for you , make sure to drink at least one cup of coffee daily preferably without sugar or cream.

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coffee

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