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Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth

Good looking and healthy teeth will surely make you look better , more confident and will make you smile glow , brushing your teeth at least twice a day is surely important to maintain healthy teeth , but there are some habits that you might have been doing increase the risk to ruin your teeth getting to know these harmful habits for your teeth will help you avoiding them and maintaining your teeth beautiful and healthy, in the following list we will present to you the Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth.

10- Smoking .

A lot of dental problems is caused by smoking , within a few weeks of regular smoking you can be able to notice the negative difference on your teeth , Smoking cause yellowing of the teeth making them looking unpleasantly plus smoking reduce the blood flow to the times which result in making the gums a good environment for bacterial flourish .

9- Misusing Your Teeth .

A lot of people use their teeth as if they were a tool , for example to open a soda can , potato chips pack or pulling stuck things which can cause too much strain on the tooth causing harm for it .

8- Nail Biting .

This is another harmful yet very common habit among children and surprisingly adults as well , biting on the nails can cause the outermost layer of the teeth to wear off and can also cause cracked in the edges of each tooth making them not looking pleasant and healthy.

7- Consuming Sport Drinks .

Sport drinks like soda , wine and all the aerated drinks are very acidic and have a lot of sugar which increase the risk of teeth decay , in addition sport drinks can also stain your teeth and make them very sensitive towards hot or cold drinks , avoiding aerated drinks can reduce the risk significantly but if it is a must then try using a straw to reduce the contact between your teeth and these drinks .

6- Using Wooden Tooth Picks .

Most of us use the tooth picks to get rid of any food stuck between the teeth which can harm the teeth in regards of increasing the risk of a gum infection and bleeding gum it is better to floss you teeth in case there is any food stuck between your teeth instead of using tooth picks .

5- Chewing On Hard Foods .

Some people love crunchy sweets and nuts and some other people have the habit to bite on hard materials like plastic or wood which can cause teeth trauma like cracking of the teeth or teeth fracture .

4- Wrong Teeth Brushing .

Some people have wrong habits of brushing their teeth like applying too much pressure while brushing the teeth or using hard tooth brush and not a soft one , when you brush your teeth you should use a soft tooth brush and brush your teeth with a circular motion .

3- Too Much Teeth Whitening .

Teeth whitening is a very common habit for everyone nowadays but you should keep in mind that too much teeth whitening can damage the surface of the tooth and make it wear off or become highly sensitive towards hot or cold drinks .

2- Going On Strict Diets .

Strict diets can deprive your body of vital vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums in addition to reducing the supply of salvia in the mouth which neutralize the acidity of the mouth which result in tooth decay.

1- Thumb Sucking.

This is a common habit among young children but unfortunately it can cause damage to the teeth and the overall look of the mouth by causing the upper frontal teeth to push forwards and the lower frontal teeth to push backward . this habit should be discouraged by the parents .

Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth


Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth Top Ten Harmful Habits For The Teeth

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