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Top Ten Harmful Habits You Are Damaging Your Hair With

Most people believe they are caring for their hair by applying many different types of chemical hair products on regular bases. Hair blower, hair dying and too many different sprays, shampoos and conditioners all contribute in harming your hair. Check out this following list to find out which harmful habits you are doing that could be harming your hair instead of benefiting it.

10- Ignoring Your Hair Stylers.

Your brushes and combs are items that pass through your hairs daily, thus keeping them clean of any stuck hair products, oils or hair that make a suitable environment for bacteria to grow is a must. Make sure to remove any hair from your brush after each time you brush your hair, and once monthly soak your hair styles in water with some baking soda for a couple of hours to dissolve any oils or hair products stuck to them.

9- Tight Elastics.

Some women like to use tight elastics to keep their hair neat throughout the day, but that could be harming their hair to a big extent, the elastics you should go for are supposed to be covered in cloth and somehow loose, if you want to keep your hair off of your face then think to pin them with bobby pins instead of a tight elastic.

8- Too Much Chemical Hair Products.

Chemical products are harmful for all of your body parts in the long term use and your hair is no exception, too much coloring, treatments, masks and sprays cause your hair to damage and get thinner. Instead of chemical products opt to use natural masks at least once a week.

7- Turning The Heat Too High.

Heat cause your hair’s natural moisture to dry up making it look dull and lifeless, make sure not to turn the heat any higher than medium but if you have really stubborn hair then make sure to use heat protector on your hair before applying any heat.

6- Ignoring Heat Protector.

It sound like an obvious thing, but this particular habits has a very harmful effect on your hair, before exposing your hair to any heat even the blow dryer make sure to use a suitable heat protector to your hair, spray it on each section you are going to expose to heat but just mildly, font soak it wet with the spray.

5- Skipping Hair Ends Trimming.

Split hair ends divide into bigger hair ends split over time which make your hair look unhealthy and force you to cut more of your hair than you want, hence trimming your hair ends every 45 days is a must to get rid of those annoying split ends.

4- Brushing From The Top To The Bottom.

Brushing from the top of your hair to the bottom of your hair cause your hair to fall more than normal and break, the correct way to brush your hair is to divide it into four sections and brush a few inches from the bottom down and then start the next time a bit higher than you started the previous time.

3- Being Rough With Wet Hair.

When your hair is wet it is more susceptible to breakage and damage, try using a wide tooth comp to compo your hair when it is damp wet and not while it is soaking wet.

2- Too Many Products.

Using too many hair products on daily bases prevent its natural oils and moist from being produced to nourish the hair and make it look whiney and healthy, excessive treatment with chemicals only make your hair get harmed and not benefited.

1- Keeping The Same Shampoo For Changing Hair.

Using the same shampoo for years when your hair is going through different phases of coloring, falling, dandruff or any other hair condition that occurs to all people is not healthy, your hair can build up tolerance to he same product if used over long time, you need to switch shampoos that suite your hair situation, for example if you get dandruff then use a shampoo against dandruff, if your hair starts thinning then use a shampoo that is suitable for the situation.

Top Ten Harmful Habits You Are Damaging Your Hair With

Top Ten Harmful Habits You Are Damaging Your Hair With

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