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Top Ten Habits That Weaken Your Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s main defense system, And it has a vital role in your body as it protects it from any micro organisms that could cause infections and diseases, A weakened immune system make your body a better environments for bacterial colonies . hence it is essential to maintain a strong immune system and you can do that by following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the following Top Ten Habits That Weaken Your Immune System.

10- Smoking.

Beside increasing your risks of lung cancer, the big number of toxins present in cigarettes weaken your immune system by lowering the count immune cells in your body, so if you are a smoker and looking to maintain a stronger immune system then you should consider to quit smoking immediately.

9- Alcohol .

Excessive consumption of alcohol is just like smoking it was noticed to kill the antibody cells which are necessary to fight sickening bacteria and infections, Alcoholism people were found more susceptible to diseases like tuberculosis .

8- Sleep Deprivation .

Sleep Deprivation lead to many serious health conditions like heart diseases, hypertension, strokes, diabetes , obesity and one of the serious health conditions sleep deprivation lead to is a weak immune system, During your sleep your body organs and systems restore its natural functionalities, Hence it is important to get an adequate sleep duration of 8 hours every night.

7- Lake Of Exercising .

You put your entire body condition in a healthier condition by exercising including your immune system, Recent studies have conducted that exercises increase the production of white blood cells that fight off any sickening bacteria that you get in contact with everyday.

6- Over exercising.

Just like mild exercising is great for your body’s overall health, too much exercise can overwhelm your body’s immune system and put a strain on your cardiovascular system, Your body need an adequate time to give a chance for your muscles to recover .

5- Stress.

The way stress is a cause of many diseases and serious health conditions is by weakening the body’s immune system, High levels of stress increase the production of harmful body hormones like cortisone and adrenaline which have a negative effect on the body organs and functionality .

4- Not Drinking enough Water.

Water form a great aid for your immune system as it help flushing away toxins that will trouble your immune system if it had to deal with, Just like the rest of the body organs and systems water is great to improve the functionality of your immune system and your body’s over all health.

3- Poor Hygiene.

Although high hygiene don’t have a direct effect on your immune system, It does protect your body by limiting the pressure on your immune system to deal with the number of different micro sickening organisms you get in contact with if you are having a poor hygiene .

2- Being Obese .

It was proven that obesity lead to many sicknesses and diseases by a weak immune system despite the link between obesity and a week immune system is still unknown, It is important to maintain a good shape by healthy eating and mild exercising.

1- Over Exposure to Sun Light.

Beside the fact that over exposure to sun can lead to skin cancer, it was also found that the harmful UV rays of sun have a negative effect on the body immune cells, the UV rays damage and lower the number of the body’s white cells, However a mild exposure to sunlight after a proper sunscreen applied on your body has a number of health benefits that are needed for the wellbeing of your body’s immune system.

Top Ten Habits That Weaken Your Immune System

Top Ten Habits That Weaken Your Immune System

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