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Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

If you or a dear member of your family have been diagnosed with Hypertension then you should note that your diet has a strong effect on either lowering or increasing your blood pressure reading , maybe you have been already advised by your doctor or health provider to consider some changes with your diet , these changes will be mainly focused on reducing the sodium level and increasing the nutrients , below we will present to you a list of ten different foods that are delicious and ideal to lower your blood pressure naturally .

10- Bananas .

Bananas are a natural source of potassium which is if deficient in the body lead to a negative effect on the muscles and heart rate, Bananas are not only rich in potassium but also low in sodium which make them a perfect food for those who are suffering high blood pressure .

9- Yogurt .

Yogurt is rich with calcium which deficiency contribute to high blood pressure , yogurt is a perfect source of calcium with a low sodium content , you will need to have 6 ounces serving of yogurt three times a day , have it the way and flavor you like .

8- Salt-Free Seasoning .

Instead of buying the premixed seasonings in the grocery store which are often including salt make your own mix of seasonings without adding any slat , seasonings like cinnamon , cumin , ginger , turmeric and nutmeg are rich with flavor and at the same time very effective in terms of lowering the blood pressure naturally .

7- Cinnamon .

As mentioned above cinnamon do miracles in terms of reducing the blood pressure to normal readings in addition to contributing to lowering cholesterol levels , Cinnamon can be used in deserts , main dishes and drinks , consider adding cinnamon to all your meals and deserts to get the potential health benefits of it .

6- White Potatoes .

Potatoes are rich with potassium which we already spoke about above in terms of helping to lower blood pressure , moreover potatoes are low in sodium , fat free and rich with fibers which make it an ideal side dish , best way to enjoy potatoes is by baking it .

5- Fish .

Fish is a great source of protein and vitamin D which was proven to lower blood pressure , fish fillets are usually a healthy protein rich meals that are also rich with healthy Omega3 fatty acids that was also proven to lower the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream .

4- Oat Bran .

Oat Bran is an ideal and tasty choice for hypertensive people , Oat Bran is rich with fibers which contribute in lowering the blood pressure and improving the digestive process , it can be prepared as a hot cereal mixed with various fresh fruits or can be added to bakes and pancakes .

3- Lima Beans .

Lima beans are a great choice for hypertensive people , as it is rich with protein , fiber and potassium , they can be prepared by boiling until they get tender and combining them with other vegetables .

2- Spinach .

Spinach is low in sodium and rich with iron ,fibers, vitamin A and C , it is also a good source of calcium which make it an important ingredient in a diet for lowering blood pressure , it can be enjoyed in many ways , add it to your stews , casseroles , salads or even pasta .

1- Flaxseed .

These seeds that come from the flaxseed plant is effective in lowering the blood pressure as it is rich with omega 3 fatty acids that work on lowering high cholesterol levels , crushed flaxseeds can be included in your morning cereals , sprinkled on yogurt or even added to a home made bride loaf .

Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure Top Ten Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

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