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Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight

Getting your dream body doesn’t happen over night or just by wishing , it need effort patience and most importantly willpower , you don’t need to spend your life time trying to get the dream body you wish to have if you follow the best advice you can achieve your goal weight in shorter time than you can imagine , on this article we will reveal to you 10 simple ways to lose weight without suffering from counting each single calorie going into your body , spending countless hours in the gym or avoiding all the delicious foods that you like .

10-Increase Your Intake Of Coffee.

Researches proved that consuming anywhere between 3 to 6 mg of caffeine before heading to the gym result in working out harder and longer these studies also prove that the caffeine help reduce the muscle pain during and after working out so make it be your habits to have a cup of coffee before you head out to the gym to do your exercises .

9- Bet Something Expensive For Losing Weight .

Studies showed that the fear of losing something can be a great motivation for weight lose , researches done their studies on a group of people that wagered their expensive items for losing weight and the studies showed that the ones that wagered more could successfully lose up to 5 percent of their total body weight in less than 4 weeks while the others that didn’t bet anything could only lose 2 percent of their total bodyweight in the same period of time .

8- Have Shorter Exercises .

Studies showed that people that had intense shorter intervals needed to eat less than those who had continues workout on a medium intensity , working out for longer periods stimulate the hunger hormone in the human body and make one feel hungry .

7- Monitor Your Heart Rate During Exercising .

Wearing a heart rate monitor during your exercise will show you if you really are exercising with a high intensity or not , most people as they get tired in the gym they think that they are doing a high intensity exercise which might not be so , the high intense exercise is the one that push your heart rate to 77 to 89 off your maximum heart rate , and to know the maximum heart rate for you subtract your age from the number 220 , for example if someone age 30 years old then the maximum heart rate would be 190 beats per minutes then the heart rate during a high intense exercise should be about 150 beats per minute .

6- Choose Healthy Snacks .

You don’t need to starve yourself and deprive yourself from snacks to lose weight , you can choose healthy snacks best to be high in protein and that way you will feel full for longer times without the need to snack later on in the day .

5- Treat Yourself On Weekends .

Enjoying on meal of your favorite meals that may not be the best diet meal will help you get on track better and encourage yourself to maintain a healthy diet during the week , it will also be a sort of a reward for yourself .

4- Find A Diet Plan And Stick To It .

Studies showed that dieters that sticker to a plan of either low carb foods or low fat foods could lose more weight faster than those that didn’t stick to any plan , try to find the best diet plan that suit your life style and stick to it .

3- Make Your Body Burn Calories Long After You Finish Exercising .

Studies showed that working on bigger muscles take longer time to recover which will make your body keep on burning calories long after you finish exercising and in order to achieve that focus on your lower body muscles .

2- Change Your Dishes .

If you change you start eating of smaller dishes a small portion of food will look as enough for you than serving the same potion on a larger plate , choosing plates with bright colors like red can also result in consuming less amounts of foods .

1- Fill Up Your Plate .

Instead of reducing your meals everyday in hope to lose weight try to add more healthy goodies that will trick your eye and make you feel full and satisfied , add beside your regular meal juicy grapes , lettuce leaves , red peas salad it is perfect to make you feel full for longer times , studies proved that adding more healthy foods to your plate works really better than taking away in terms of losing weight.

Follow these Top Ten Easy Tips To Lose Weight for quit some time and feel the difference .

Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight

Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Top Ten Easy Tricks To Lose Weight

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