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Top Ten Common Health Problems Women Face

Being healthy is one of the first concerns for everyone , but considering that women are much more tender creatures than men and they bear a lot of responsibilities upon their shoulders which lead them to neglecting taking care of their own selves and their own health while being too busy taking care of everyone else , Thus health issues that women suffer from are growing at a much faster rate than men , there are various health circumstances that women go throughout their lives and if these health circumstances are not handled by the best medical way they may into unneeded health problems , each woman is different however , there are some health problems that are more common in women than men which we will be listing to you below , discover the Top Ten Common Health Problems Women Face .

10- Kidney Disease .

Kidney diseases and chronic kidney diseases is often seen in women that are diabetic or on their menopause , but also drug toxicity and smoking can be a reason for developing chronic kidney diseases , the reason for developing kidney diseases in women that are on their menopause is the absence of the female steroid sex hormone progesterone which get produced in premenopausal women bodies that act as a protection against kidney diseases .

9- Alzheimer’s Disease.

Women are more exposed to Alzheimer’s Disease than men which is proven by many clinical studies , due to the absence of estrogen hormone that get produced in the beginning of every menstrual cycle in the premenopausal women the risk of memory loses that is associated with aging increase , Alzheimer’s Diseases also appear more in the smoking women than the non smoking women .

8- Stroke .

Strokes are caused by a blockage of a blood clot in one of the blood vessels that are feeding the brain, although it is considered by medicine as men’s diseases but in fact it kill more women than men , mostly hypertense and diabetic women are at a more risk of strokes , strokes also occurs more in women that are over forty five years old and rarely occur in younger women .

7- Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is one of the most growing health issues that are facing women nowadays that can be caused by several factors such as delaying having children to later ages , not breast feeding , delay of menopause , smoking , alcohol , not having a healthy physical activity , gaining weight and white women are more exposed to breast cancer hence avoiding all the above mentioned factors can significantly reduce the risks of Breast Cancer .

6- Heart Diseases .

Women are more exposed to heart diseases at the menopause time due to the absence of estrogen hormones that supposed to protect against heart diseases , the factors that may increase the risks for heart diseases in women are smoking , alcohol , high blood pressure , physical inactivity , gaining weight , foods that are high in sodium or saturated fats and high cholesterol levels .

5- Osteoporosis .

Osteoporosis is seen in both men and women although women face it more than men , it affect the strength of the bones which accordingly cause breaks and fractures , this disease can be prevented to a high extend by having diets that are rich with calcium and vitamin D with a physically active life style to boost the boons ability or repairing itself .

4- Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases .

The respiratory diseases that happen in the lower lungs are referred to medically as Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases , some examples that can be included are chronic obstructed pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic bronchitis and emphysema, smoking , chemicals and air pollution are the main causes for developing Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases .

3- Diabetes .

Diabetes is becoming a common health issue nowadays for both men and women however there are more diabetic women than men , there are three types of diabetes which are type 1 , type 2 and gestational , type 2 is what is being commonly suffered of by women , the health issues that can be caused by diabetes include blindness , heart diseases and strokes , diabetes can be prevented to a high extent by consuming healthy diets , avoiding obesity and being physically active .

2- Depression .

Depression happen due to hormonal changes than happen in women bodies 50% more than men , other lifestyle factors that may lead to depression for women include , separation of beloved ones , memories of childhood abuse , stressful life style or menopause , giving birth and pregnancy can also be included in the causing factors of depression in women , spending quality times with beloved ones , having a busy yet interesting lifestyle and most importantly love can significantly eliminate the chances of depression.

1- Colorectal Cancer .

Colorectal cancer or also known as bowel cancer is one of the most health threats that face women nowadays , it affect the colon and rectum , the main causes of developing Colorectal Cancer are inflammatory bowel diseases , old age , smoking and obesity .

Top Ten Common Health Problems Women Face

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