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Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry

Anger is something that all of us experience at some point of our daily life which is a negative feeling that can cause us to say or do things that we might regret later on after we get calm , Anger in itself is not a more complicated issue than how to manage anger whenever we feel it , some people pour their anger whenever they feel it on people or things in front of them instead of thinking about a positive solution for the issue that caused them to be angry in the first place , which is a way to deal with anger although it is not really the best way , If you are wondering what is the best way to control your anger and calm yourself before doing or saying something that can cause regret then find the following Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry .

10- Feel The Anger .

You might be wondering how feeling the anger can actually be one of the best things to do when you are angry , some people lie to themselves and convince themselves while they are angry that they are not angry and suppress the negative feelings within themselves to unleash it later on someone innocent , instead when you get angry for any reason know in yourself that you are angry and u shouldn’t say or do anything thing until you calm down , This way you will release the negative feelings and at the same time minimize any chance of talks or angers that you regret after you calm .

9- Write It Down .

Writing down whatever annoy you and cause you to get angry is a truly effective way to deal with anger , get a pen and a paper and start writing down the things that make you feel angry , just put all your feelings on the paper without looking back on it or even thinking about it .

8- Explore Your Anger .

Another effective way to deal with your anger is to sit with yourself and think why this particular thing or person make you feel so angry ? there must be a reason behind your negative reaction to the situation , finding out the reason behind your anger will help you reduce the risks of getting angry for the same thing later on .

7- Relax Yourself .

Whenever you start feeling angry or get in a situation that you know will make you angry , just close your eyes lay down and focus all your energy on your breathing alone , after you do that think to do something you like , eat a bar of chocolate , sing , have a nice cold drink, or anything that will take your mind off of the situation that is causing you to get angry .

6- Call Someone You Trust .

Most of us have that one person that don’t let us down and we trust the advises coming from that person , whenever you feel angry or not happy about a certain situation call up that person , get an advise or even just get the heavy loads off of your chest that should calm you down and get you to start thinking clearly .

5- Listen To Some Music .

Music is a great way to calm the soul down and clear up the mind , it is used by professional as an anger management technique , the relaxation that music sends in our soul is enough to control our anger .

4- Go For A Walk .

One of the best ways to calm down the extreme anger in you almost immediately is to leave the surrounding and talk a walk by yourself , walking will allow you to think positively about the problem and how to fix it as it will also release the negative energy off your body .

3- Laughter .

Laughing is proved to release chemicals in the brain that cause us to calm and feel happy , Hence one of the best way to manage your anger is to laugh , put on any funny movie and focus your mind totally on it , laugh it off and forget the difficult , after you do this you will find yourself able to think clearly about how to fix the issue that is causing you to be angry .

2- Think About Solutions .

In anger time we all say or do things that we regret later on , instead of putting out your anger on something or someone innocent force yourself at that time to not take any decision and start thinking positively about a way out of the situation.

1- Counseling.

When everything else fail then you should realize that you really do need to counsel a specialist , feeling angry is a totally normal reaction for annoying situations , However getting out of control is not normal , signing yourself up for an anger management program which usually have a group of people with the same issue can inspire you of ways to control your anger in the best way .

top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry

Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry Top Ten Best Things To Do When You Are Angry

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