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The Top 7 Simplest and Quickest Cooking Tips Ever

Ok, since I am making things simple – and quick – I am not going to speak in detail about why you sometimes need to make something like cooking easier and faster. Let’s just say that many people are pressed for time, and if you are one of them, then these tips should come in handy

1- A lot of cooking ingredients could be prepared and stored beforehand. Some can even be used powdered or dried such as onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes etc. Using things dried, powdered or prepared beforehand makes cooking much easier.

2- Dough could be stored in your freezer and used later. You can use stored dough for your recipes instead of the whole kneading and waiting for the dough to rise every single time.

3- Every now and then you find all sorts of gadgets and things for separating egg white from egg yolk. Well, you don’t need any of these! Just use a tablespoon.

4- You can fry veggies and potatoes in the oil you used before for frying chicken or meat. It gives a great flavor. Just make sure it isn’t burnt.

5- Buying ingredients from farmers’ markets is far better than buying them from usual markets. The food will be fresher and much cheaper.

6- Make vinaigrettes at home instead of buying them. They will taste better, cost less and are always healthier.

7- Leftover veggies and meats could be stored in your freezer. Use them later for making soups, omelets etc.

8- Don’t toss away your old olive oil bottles. You can fill half of it with water and use it to place a chicken upwards on your oven tray. This way the chicken will be roasted from all sides.

Simplest and Quickest Cooking Tips Ever

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