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Top 4 Rich in Probiotics Foods

Not all bacteria and germs are harmful. Some types of bacteria can help in making the most delicious cheeses, yogurts and pickled vegetables.

Some even make the most extravagant and pricey types of wine.
And some even help our bodies digest food and fight harmful bacteria better. So, what are the foods rich in these good germs?

1- You might have not heard about miso soup already, but it is a substantial part of the traditional Japanese cuisine. It is a soup made of fermented grains such as rye, rice and beans.

2- Did you know that there is such a thing called fermented tea? This tea is call kombucha and it is loaded with these wonderful bacteria. And that is even a small part of its benefits. Kombuch aids greatly in weight loss and boosting stamina and overall health. It is another unrenowned part of the traditional oriental cuisine. However, it might not suit everyone, and it is even said that it can promote some types of harmful bacteria if you already have them.

3- When we talk about good and friendly bacteria, yogurt goes without saying. It is the ultimate food rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and…probiotics. But it is such a waste to ruin the benefits in yogurt by having the manufactured brands loaded with sugar, colors and additives. Try to make yogurt at home and the effect of its probiotics will be even greater.

4- Sauerkraut and Kimchi are two types of pickled cabbage among other things. Kimchi is just the oriental much spicier version. Both are rich in probiotics and are even said to enhance you immune system against allergies. Add them to your sandwiches to make your diet richer with their taste and probiotic content.

Probiotics Foods

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