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Top 5 Reasons Why You Feel Like Your Stamina Is Seeping out of You

It is rare nowadays to find someone brimming with activity and vigor nonstop, rarely feeling anything similar to fatigue. However, what is common is that you find that even if it is not yet 2 o’clock and you have woken up at 9, you are slowly slipping back to Lala land. so, why is it that we lose stamina quickly as if it is seeping out of us?

1- Did you notice that you feel tired when you are doing something you don’t like? Merely thinking about something you don’t like can make you feel very tired quickly. It is the same when people work in jobs they hate or do house chores they don’t like. They feel tired quickly.

2- Anemia is an obvious reason for feeling tired quickly, and strangely enough, people are usually unaware of it. What does shortage of iron cause lack of energy? Because iron makes hemoglobin and hemoglobin is what carries the oxygen needed for energy production in our bodies.

3- Some people develop the habit of skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the food your body direly needs after long hours of sleep. Therefore, skipping it deprives you of the energy you need most at the start of the day.

4- Dehydration is another common reason people unaware of for feeling like your energy is seeping out of you. To put it simply, water is the thing our bodies need most for functioning, and lack of it can range in severity from dangerous to fatal.

5- Lack of exercise is another common reason for always feeling drained. Lack of exercise simply means that your body has very low levels of energy all the time, and that the tiniest bit of work makes you tired quickly.

Reasons Why You Feel Like Your Stamina Is Seeping out of You

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