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Top 4 Obvious Signs You Should Get another Job ASAB

First of all, let me start with a question, what is it you work for? Or what do you want to achieve from your job? Enough money to support yourself and family? Social security and health insurance?

A place in the society as a working adult that contributes to his/her community? If that is the case, what makes one job better than another? And what makes one job not worth doing? Here are the signs that your job isn’t worth doing:

1- Your job does neither develop you nor teach you anything. It may not be obvious to us from first glance, but one of the most important reasons why we work is to gain new experiences and learn something new.

2- Other companies are offering you jobs and there are many who want to hire you. This means that you are really good at what you do. It also means that you are most likely underappreciated in your current job and that others really value your work and talent and can both be happier and make you happier by working with you.

3- You don’t receive feedback. When I first started working, I was with this employer that never tried to help me or comment on my work in anyway. Even when I asked for advice, she just completely ignored what I said and sent me more work. This made me feel awful, as if I was a machine or something, and I couldn’t excuse myself from her company fast enough.

4- You are not the only one feeling underappreciated. If you see that your colleges are taking leaves or resigning to look for jobs elsewhere, then most likely the place you are working at right now is not worth your time.

Signs You Should Get another Job ASAB