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The Top 5 Best Natural Sweeteners You Can Add to Your Food

People have been using sugar to sweeten food for ages. And although other more natural and healthier sweeteners such as honey and molasses were available since ancient times, people didn’t give them much thought until science has proved that sugar can be really dangerous for you. So what are the best sweeteners you can use in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners?

1- Stevia is a newly-known newly-popular sweetener, and it is the safest sweetener available around. It is a natural zero calorie sweetener taken from stevia plant and it is safe for cooking as well. However it is sweeter than sugar so you will need to adjust the quantities a bit.

2- Sweet things don’t need to be harmful. Molasses is one of the richest in nutrients sweeteners ever. It is rich in iron, potassium, and calcium. Its iron content is so high that people with anemia and iron deficiencies are advised to consume it instead of iron supplements.

3- Original maple syrup is a healthy alternative for sugar as well. It has lower calories than honey but more minerals and nutrients. It protects against inflammation and other several health risks. This way you can balance the negative drawbacks of its calorie content with the benefits of its nutrients and minerals.

4- Honey is another useful sweetener. Although it is high in fructose, it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It also helps in calming and preventing allergic reaction. It has antiviral and antimicrobial qualities that make it an excellent cure for many skin problems as well.

5- Sugar alcohols are another sweetener that is becoming widely popular. They have very low calories and are said to fight cavities. They are manufactured by fermenting sugar cane. Make sure your pets don’t have ANY of your food if you have already added sugar alcohol to it because it is extremely poisonous for them.

 Natural Sweeteners You Can Add to Your Food

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