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The Top 4 Indications for Poor Circulation

First of all, no I didn’t mean for the title to rhyme (it is nice though!). Secondly, yes, blood circulation is an important matter, and blood doesn’t flow the same way for everyone.

And if your blood isn’t flowing strong enough or quick enough then it means your body is not getting enough oxygen or nutrients and this spells danger in all languages. So how do you know that you have this problem?

1- one of the symptoms of poor blood circulation is Feeling numb. I don’t mean the numbness you feel when you tie something tightly around your finger. I mean that you feel numb without something like this, or feeling numb after hours of sitting etc. This sort of numbness means poor blood circulation.

2- What happens when blood doesn’t run fast enough in your veins? it is gathered in some areas of your veins in your body and result in a problem called varicose veins. You know how some veins in your knees and thighs get swollen and have that dark bluish color? that is varicose veins.

3- You see how people rub their arms and hands in cold weather to warm them up? They do that to prompt blood to flow better and warm up the body in the process. Therefore you’re your blood isn’t flowing strong or fast enough what do you think will happen? The parts farthest (your limbs) from your heart will get cold. Cold hands and feet are a sign of poor circulation.

4- If you have poor blood circulation, it is very possible that you don’t feel hungry quite so often, even if a lot of time has passed since your last meal. The parts of your body that handle food – such as liver and stomach – are not receiving enough blood to massage your brain to tell it that you are hungry.

Indications for Poor Circulation

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