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Top 5 Best Gluten Free Grains Ever

Many people can’t handle foods with gluten content. They might have gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or are just unable to digest bread that well. Even if you don’t have any of these problems, you should enrich your diet with more gluten free foods and lessen gluten foods and grains as much as possible, since they are reputed to raise blood sugar and LDL levels. Here is a list with some of the best gluten free foods ever:

1-rice is a very popular worldwide known grain and is a basic part of the diet of many countries. It is an extra perk that it is gluten free. However, white rice is full of carbs, has no fiber and very few nutrients. So, eat brown rice which has much more fiber and nutrients.

2- Millet is a Gluten free grain that is rich in nutrients. It has a delicious flavor and is also easy to digest. It also causes no allergenic reactions whatsoever making it perfect for everyone. Moreover, It is one of the few grains that has an alkalizing effect to our bodies. .

3 – Buckwheat is mostly known and popular in oriental countries. It is rich in flavonoids like rutin and it is rich in magnesium. Among its many benefits, buckwheat was proven to boost heart health and stabilize blood sugar levels making it a very healthy food for many people.

4- Quinoa is actually not a grain but a seed. However, this doesn’t contradict the fact that it is healthy for you. It is gaining a wide popularity now in the west for its high protein and low carb content.

5- Cornmeal is also one of the healthiest grains ever. However, don’t confuse it with starch or rather cornstarch which is a refined carb that raises blood sugar levels. It is rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin B-6. Make sure that your cornmeal comes from organic non GMO corn.

Best Gluten Free Grains Ever

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