Top 7 Foods That Turn Poisonous When Reheated

It sounds normal to store the food you’ve cooked and reheat it again once, twice or sometimes more. That method could work well for certain foods while they can keep their nutrients intact. Other foods however, lose all their nutrients and turn poisonous when they’re reheated. The following are the top 7 foods that you should definitely avoid reheating either in the oven or microwave.

1. Chicken : Chicken is known for being a high source of protein, even higher than red meat. Once chicken sits aside for a whole day, the whole protein structure changes causing gastrointestinal troubles to its consumers. You can still eat the chicken cold or heat it on very low temperature.

2. Potato : Potato is a highly nutritional vegetable. However, after a day, it cools and loses all its value. The healthy vegetable is no longer of any good. It’s rather dangerous.

3. Spinach : Reheating spinach after preparing it is a major disaster. When spinach is warmed up, its high nitrate content is transformed into nitrite. The spinach is then considered carcinogenic.

4. Mushroom : Mushrooms are exceptionally hazardous when they’re reheated. You either eat them directly after preparation or eat it cold the next day. Otherwise, they could seriously affect your digestion and cardiovascular health.

5. Eggs : Reheating boiled or fried eggs is dead fatal. You should avoid that under all circumstances.

6. Celery : Like spinach, celery is full of nitrates that can be transformed into nitrites when it’s reheated. The vegetable adds super nutrition and flavor to your soup, but if you consider reheating your dish, you might as well consider removing the celery out of your soup. Same goes with carrots if you got some in your dish.

7. Beets : Beets are also another source of nitrate. Nitrates are good for your body; the trouble is with nitrites after reheating which are poisonous and damage your body.
Top 7 Foods That Turn Poisonous When Reheated

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