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Top 4 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Colon

Every day our bodies have to suffer the burden of trying to limit the effect of the toxins we receive from our diet, toxins that can deal a lot of damage to our internal organs. And the internal organs that receive the most damage are naturally the things that receive these toxins first, which are the intestine and the colon. Therefore we need to enrich our diet with foods that can cleanse colon such as:

1- Apples and apple-by-products such as apple juice and apple cidar vinegar have natural colon cleansing qualities. They improve digestion and contain pectin which greatly helps in preventing colon cancer.

2- Avocados are a colon friendly fruit. They are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. And both types of fiber help greatly in promoting digestion, preventing foods from fermenting inside the intestines and also reduce cholesterol.

3- Dates are usually avoided because of their high sugar content, which is really a mistake when it comes to taking care of your colon. They are rich in both types of fiber and are loaded with many important minerals and vitamins that enhance the work of the gastronomical system making it healthier and more effective.

4- Did you know that chlorophyll sticks to the lining of the intestines suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria? Dark green vegetables and fruits (keyword is green) are richest in chlorophyll. They help in getting rid of these toxic bacteria more quickly and at the same time, heal the mucosal layer of the gastrointestinal tract.

Most people brush off the subject of colon cleansing thinking that it is trivial. However, colon cleansing is very important since neglecting it may lead to serious problems such as impaired digestion and colon cancer.

 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Colon

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