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Top Face Myths People Stick to When Decorating Their Houses

When people get a new place and want to decorate it, they usually do a little research homework which – sadly – might not benefit them. They arm themselves with a sit of do’s and don’t’s they apply to the tee.

Needless to say, the results after doing what they think is right are unsatisfactory to say the least. They base their choices on the following false myths:

1- Use tiles for your kitchen walls. This is a false myth that shouldn’t be applied if you don’t want to. Many materials can be sued now to give your kitchen a gorgeous look and they are easy to clean at the same time.

2- Pick pale or whitish pastel colors if your place is small. Well, who doesn’t have a small place nowadays? And, wont it bother you that whenever you examine your place, you feel like you’ve just walked into some sort of a nursing home, or worse, a clinic?

3- Line your kitchen walls with cabinets and put your kitchen machines, gadget and even groceries behind them. Wouldn’t this be really bothersome? You would have to open and close cabinets all the time, and hope that you wouldn’t bump your head into one of them. Moreover, kitchen is one of the places where accessibility and comfort are most needed, and this won’t happen if you keep closing and opening cabinets all the time.

4- Choose dining room furniture set so the chairs would match the table and the rest of the furniture. This is another myth for many reasons. One, you might find better looking yet less expensive chairs. Two, you might not need ALL of the chairs in the set. Three, they might not be suitable in size to your dining room.

Top Face Myths People Stick to When Decorating Their Houses

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