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Top 5 Dishes Children Love and How to Make Them Healthier

First of all, you might say, “why would I want to know what children love to eat” I just want them to eat healthy!” The answer would be that children are not easily convinced by claiming things are healthy or unhealthy. To convince a child to eat something, you have to appeal to his taste buds. Therefore, you need to know what dishes your kids love, and how to make them healthier.

1- Burgers are made of ground meat that is usually combined with unhealthy additives and lots of sodium and processed components. You can make burger healthier by making it yourself at home. Add Bulgur, oatmeal or bread crumbs and combine it with vegetables and turn them into a paste in your food processer.

2- Pizza is another meal everyone loves, not just children. To make a pizza healthier add more vegetables and less cheese. Or you could even use goat cheese or healthier low fat cheese types.

3- Pasta is another dish children love. However, it is usually cooked with tomato sauce and served as it is. You can add many vegetables to your pasta sauce and you use Greek yogurt as a sauce for your pasta instead of the tomato sauce that has lost its nutrients when it was cooked.

4- Noodle soup is one of the recipes children love most. One of the reasons why they love it is because it is easy to prepare so they can make it on their own. The problem is that it is really unhealthy. Make Noodle soup using spaghetti and fresh ingredients. This way it will be healthier.

5- Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a recipe kids love for breakfast. However, you cannot be sure if the peanut butter is healthy or not. In most cases, store bought peanut butter is nothing similar to its origin. You can make peanut butter by grinding it combined with some coconut oil in your food processor. This way you can make sur it is natural and healthy.

Dishes Children Love and How to Make Them Healthier

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